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Company outing Zandvoort

Company outing in Zandvoort, Flitz events has been organizing company outings / events in Zandvoort for many years with pleasure and enthusiasm.

After the selected beach activities for the company outing we can discuss the final barbecue or buffet. The price of your outing depends on the number of participants, desired catering and your choice of activities.

If you have a specific budget for your company outing in Zandvoort or staff outing in Zandvoort and this does not match the prices, we can always arrange something for you!

Below you will find various packages that we can arrange for you in Zandvoort.

If you cannot find something or if there are questions, do not hesitate and take it immediately contact with us so we can help you immediately!

Sporting outings on the beach

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Company outing on the water

Creative outings Zandvoort

Company outing and Zandvoort outing

Staff outing, bachelor outing on the beach at Zandvoort.

Zandvoort beach activities for your company outing

Zandvoort beach is a popular beach for company outings. Zandvoort beach is loved by many people in summer and winter and ideal for company outings.

Thanks to the wide beach there is enough space to take care of the activities on the beach, so ideal for a company outing on Zandvoort.

In collaboration with various restaurants and beach pavilions in Zandvoort, we can offer the right arrangements for your company outing.

All beach pavilions and terraces with a spectacular sea view, so perfect for an extensive lunch, a delicious BBQ and a great party in combination with a company outing on the beach at Zandvoort.

Below you will find various packages that we can arrange for you in Zandvoort.