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Flitz Events Review

Winter company outing

Looking for a unique and exciting company outing for the coming winter period? Nice! Then you are in the right place at Flitz-Events! With us there is plenty of choice in the field of winter company outings in the months of November, December and January.

Our event agency is located on the coast of Scheveningen. You would therefore think that we only offer summer outings. Nothing is less true! We offer dozens of different activities that are ideal for the cold, dark months. We provide warmth and provide the best winter company outing of the year. That is our motivation.

GPS Winter Drop
GPS Winter Drop
2 Hours
10 - 100

Are you looking for an adventurous company outing in the winter? Then join an exciting interactive walking tour, using coordinates and a GPS tracker to discover winter activities.

  • 25 years of experience
  • The best prices
  • 6000+ trips per year
  • Free backup rain program
va €10 per person
Winter wonderland / Apres ski Games
Winter wonderland / Apres ski Games
2 Hours
10 - 250

Venture into the enchanting ski village of Winter Wonderland, a place where you'll be surrounded by a plethora of exciting winter activities. Experience challenging Après-ski games and create unforgettable memories full of fun.

  • 25 years of experience
  • The best prices
  • 6000+ trips per year
  • Free backup rain program
va € 17,50 pp
Powerkiting Winter
Powerkiting Winter
2 Hours
2 - 500

Are you ready for a company outing in the winter, where you can enjoy winter activities and spend a refreshing day at the beach? Put on your thick coat and warm gloves and let the winter company outing begin! Will you succeed?

  • 25 years of experience
  • The best prices
  • 6000+ trips per year
  • Free backup rain program
va €15 per person
Ice sculptures
Ice sculptures
2 Hours
8 - 500

Looking for winter activities that provide a chilling thrill of excitement? With us you have come to the right place for the ice sculpture workshop.

  • 25 years of experience
  • The best prices
  • 6000+ trips per year
  • Free backup rain program
va € 27,50 pp
Cocktail Workshop
Cocktail Workshop
2 Hours
10 - 50

Would you like to learn everything about shaking and stirring delicious traditional cocktails during the winter company outing? Then the cocktail making workshop during the winter is an absolute must-do!

  • 25 years of experience
  • The best prices
  • 6000+ trips per year
  • Free backup rain program
va €30 per person
Curling Clinic
Curling Clinic
1,5 Hours
10 - 100

Discover the unique sensation of curling during our exciting curling clinic! Glide across the ice and work with your team to come up with the perfect strategy and accurately place the stones.

  • 25 years of experience
  • The best prices
  • 6000+ trips per year
  • Free backup rain program
va €15 per person

company outing winter wonderland

Winter company outings can take place both indoors and outdoors. Our most popular winter outing is the ice sculpture workshop. This is an exciting and unique activity that takes place outdoors. Do you prefer the warmth? Then there are various cozy activities to be found.

For example, how about our popular workshops or the well-known pub quiz. 

Make a winter company outing a day to remember

The dark days are ideal for fun activities with your colleagues during a great company outing. It's nice to break through the boring months in the winter with a cozy company outing where you can get into the wintery Christmas atmosphere. 

Flitz events offers fun, sporty, fun and educational company outings all year round. Both summers and winters. Fancy a company outing winter? Take a look at our extensive and varied range of winter outings.

Christmas outing along the coast of Scheveningen

When you think of Scheveningen, you probably think of sun, beach and sea. You probably didn't immediately think of winter Christmas onions. Nothing is less true! Flitz-Events also offer great winter outings for companies and families during the cold months. 

This way you can spend the holidays with a Christmas outing 202 on the beach. Flitz events offers various options in Scheveningen and the surrounding area to have a great time with a group. Christmas is a great opportunity to be together and do something fun together.

Sitting by the Christmas tree all day is great fun, but some more action in the tent is much more fun. Flitz events is an expert in organizing successful group activities and has many opportunities to do something together especially around Christmas.

Top 5 Winter company outings & Team outing winter

Team building is extremely important for companies. A strong bond and good communication are two aspects that can determine the success of a company. It is not for nothing that a team building outing every year can help to improve the mutual bond. In terms of team building outings there are a lot of possibilities. Whether you want to book a trip in the summer or winter, there is plenty of choice. 

The winter months are regularly chosen because this is a pleasant period in the run-up to Christmas and New Year's Eve. That is why we offer various fun activities during this period to get to know each other better. Sports, fun, team bonding, it all comes together during a winter activity.

To provide you with some more inspiration, we would like to share our top 3 winter activities in and around Scheveningen: 

Making ice sculptures
winter wonderland utrecht
Yes, one of our classics when it comes to winter activities in and around Scheveningen. Making ice sculptures is not only a special company outing in the winter, but also combines the qualities you have on the work floor during the activity.

At the ice sculpture workshop making is all about communication, teamwork, creativity and planning. The same qualities that you often need during your regular work, but now in a fun and challenging way. 

During this winter company outing you will work as a team to create the most beautiful work of art in a subject that you have determined in advance. You do this in a tough way with hammer and chisel, which immediately brings out the hardest in your employees.

At the end of the workshop, it will be determined who has made the most beautiful work of art!

Expedition Polar Circle

The successful television program Expedition Robinson can also be practiced on the beach of Scheveningen. This is one of our most popular summer activities for a reason. Fortunately, there is an ice-cold version of the great activity. Together with your team you will go through six winter team tests to determine who is the strongest team of the day.

Whoever has earned the most points in the final is the winner of Expedition Arctic Circle. This adventurous winter company outing is suitable for both large and small groups, making it a very suitable outing to do in the winter. 

The GPS winter drop

Looking for a winter company outing with an adventurous character? Then the GPS tours suitable for you! This is a very fun and active variant of the summer GPS tour. Here you can imagine yourself in an environment full of winter atmospheres and homemade mulled wine. A magical activity suitable for all ages.

The target? Find the right route to the final destination, where the delicious mulled wine is waiting for you.  winter wonderland utrecht

The GPS dropping starts with a detailed explanation of how to use the equipment, after which the participants are divided into groups. This is all done by an experienced instructor in the region. After this, the ice-cold winter walk begins.

Do you want to make it even more difficult and exciting? Then choose GPS winter dropping at dusk or in the dark.

This makes navigating a lot more challenging. Along the way you are looking for all the ingredients for the mulled wine and you earn points. By answering questions you get hints at the same time and speed up the route to the finish line. The winner is the team that reached the final destination first and scored the most points.

The Winter Games

What is the typical outing you do in one winter wonderland? Apres ski, of course. And you can now also do this as a company outing in the winter in The Hague. While enjoying a hot chocolate or mulled wine, you can play the most fun winter games with your colleagues, from cross-country skiing in race form to pushing a beer mug.

You can play the nicest, coziest and craziest games in a winter atmosphere during your company outing.

In addition, you can enjoy catching up and a warm bond is created between colleagues. An ideal way for team building, which will probably continue into the late hours. 

The Great Winter Quiz Show

Do you prefer a company outing in the winter where you don't have to work with your hands, but rather have your brain cracked? Then you can participate in De Grote Winter Quizshow. This one pub quiz is based on the success of the game show Ik Hou Van Holland and has similar elements such as the Wheel of Fortune and the ticking time bomb.

Based on unique questions and winter hits, it is important to become the winner of the day. The funniest way to test who is the biggest brainchild in the workplace.

Which artist has the most streams when it comes to Christmas music? And where does the story of Santa Claus come from? You will find out during a unique winter quiz show!

A fitting conclusion to an exciting winter outing

Winter wonderland / Apres ski Games Scheveningen

Do you want to combine the winter activity with a pleasant drink or delicious dinner? Which can! At Flitz-Events we regularly combine different activities with one dinner arrangement. This way you can talk about the successful activity. 

Flitz-Events has a wide network in the Scheveningen region. This makes it possible to realize almost all your wishes. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding complete arrangements. 

Company outing winter on the beach of Scheveningen

Company outing winter on the beach? Sure! Flitz events organizes group activities in and around Scheveningen throughout the year. The winter cold certainly offers the right challenge to visit the beach. Put on a thick coat and get a breath of fresh air in the most beautiful spot in the Netherlands. Every season, Flitz events creates all kinds of company outings in the winter, on location and in restaurants in The Hague and the surrounding area.

Especially in winter, many companies choose to do something on the beach. It is often a bit quieter in the company and every employee is back from vacation. In winter, Flitz events therefore has activities to seek out the cold or to escape with some fun in a warm setting.

How nice is it to have a unique company outing organized around Christmas and New Year's Eve that is different from normal. It is not for nothing that many family outings, bachelor parties and school outings are organized in the winter. Many people tend to sit inside, but a day outside at the beach freshens everyone up nicely. After that, looking for the heat is even more fun!

Christmas outing with company 

The Christmas period is very popular when it comes to organizing a company outing. It is extra cozy everywhere with lights, Christmas decorations and good food. In addition, it is often quieter at the office and everyone is back from vacation. Enough reasons to opt for a winter outing. 

A Christmas outing can of course be combined very well with a delicious Christmas meal. In addition, being busy with each other while following a workshop or sporting activities. For example, choose a day Winter Wonderland. This is a very nice and atmospheric environment where you can do various fun activities.

Play games, challenge each other in exciting quizzes or go cross-country skiing. Winterwonderland is a great location anyway that, as the name says, will leave you full of wonder. A unique place where team building is stimulated and everyone will look back on with pleasure. 

A Christmas outing with your company is also possible at other wintry locations in the area. What did you think about World Hotel Wings Or the Water giant? World Hotel Wings is completely transformed into a true winter paradise during the Christmas period and therefore looks a bit like Winter Wonderland. Super atmospheric and super fun to enjoy a Christmas company outing with your colleagues.

Beach pavilion De Waterreus is a household name in Scheveningen and since 2016 the permanent beach restaurant. Not surprisingly, therefore, that the Water Giant in 2016 has been named the best beach pavilion in the Netherlands. A beautiful view of the North Sea and a great location for a company outing; 365 days per year, therefore also during the winter period.

In this period it is extra cozy because of the atmospheric lighting and the cozy Christmas decoration. 

Looking for a winter staff outing, bachelor party, company outing, children's party of family day? For the organization of a fun company outing or outing in the winter, you have come to the right place at Flitz events. We have the right knowledge and experience to organize a successful company outing in the winter. 

Thanks to our warm contacts in Scheveningen we can provide a fantastic activity at various locations. You can choose between cozy beach pavilions or true Christmas spaces such as Winter Wonderland. During the great activities you will experience the winter atmosphere of Christmas. 

Company outing Christmas 2022

A winter company outing during the Christmas season can be a nice way to end the year and at the same time strengthen team spirit. At Flitz-Events we offer a wide range of activities that we can organize on location, from sporting challenges to creative workshops and fun games.

Our professional team building experts are happy to help you choose the perfect activity for your winter company outing during the Christmas season. For example, we can organize an outdoor adventure, including climbing, ziplining and survival games. Or maybe you are more interested in a culinary workshop where you learn together how to prepare the most delicious Christmas dishes.

Whatever you choose, at Flitz-Events you are assured of an unforgettable experience during the Christmas company outing winter. Our activities are not only fun and challenging, they also help to strengthen communication and collaboration within the team. This way you can learn new skills together and build a better connection with each other.

Would you like to know more about our company outings during the Christmas season? Feel free to contact us for more information and to make an appointment. We are happy to help you organize the perfect Christmas company outing for your team.

Winter workshops

At Flitz-Events we offer many different events every year workshops at. There is a distinction between active and educational workshops. The great thing about a workshop is that it can be done all year round. This means that there is also a lot of choice in the winter months. During these workshops you really experience the magical atmospheres of winter.

There is a choice of different workshops with something for everyone. The workshops can be combined with each other and possibly expanded.

Standing on the beach of Scheveningen in the barren cold? Very nice of course, if you are doing a fun activity in the colder months of the year. Put on a thick coat and you will experience a fantastic afternoon. There are also plenty of company outings in the winter that you can do in The Hague and which your colleagues or staff will look forward to.

The ice sculpture workshop has already been mentioned on this page, but what about this one: 

The winter cocktail workshop

Cocktails. You probably immediately think of a warm holiday destination on the beach. Unfortunately, we cannot arrange that for you. What we can arrange is a unique winter version of the popular workshop. The aim is to make winter variants of the cocktail.

For example, choose a winter version of the mojito by using winter herbs. Or make a cocktail version of the glühwein! Do you prefer a mocktail? That is also possible, for example make your own frozen chocolate milk, with caramel and chocolate sauce. Everything is possible during a nice, cozy and atmospheric outing! 

The poker workshop

Learn everything about Poker? Which can! During the poker workshop, an experienced instructor will teach you everything about the famous game. A unique workshop that helps you to build a strong poker face. 

We offer this workshop all year round, but we notice that interest increases considerably in the winter months. For this reason, the workshop should not be missing from the list of winter workshops! 

December getaways

December is perhaps the most atmospheric month of the year. In addition, the month of December is the start of the winter period and you gradually work towards Christmas and New Year's Eve. 

At Flitz-Events it is often very busy in December. This is because many companies choose to plan their outing during the pleasant Christmas month. Of course we also offer our winter related activities in November, January and February. As long as it is cold and atmospheric, we can already offer various winter outings for you.

Are you interested in a company outing in November or January? Please indicate that! We will then come up with a suitable variant of the Christmas onions. 

Indoor activities in winter 

Are you looking for a sporty activity that you can also do in the winter? Then there is plenty of choice! At Flitz-Events we offer many of our summer activities in the winter. You can also use an indoor, for example beach volleyball or indoors knot hockey organize tournament. 

If you want to look up the beach feeling and get active indoors, you can do so with the indoor beach volleyball workshop. This is a fun activity to do with both fanatical athletes and recreational indoor athletes. You will first receive some tips and tricks from a professional instructor. It looks like you are outside, but in reality you are in a warm and covered area!

A volleyball or club hockey tournament is extremely interesting for both experienced and novice athletes. We try to divide the teams as fair as possible so that you don't get overrun by the opponents. In the end, the goal is to become the winner of the day!

Not just in the winter party

Of course you can go to Flitz events all year round for the most amazing company outings. We offer outings for groups of all sizes: from a few people to thousands of participants. Exciting and challenging company outings, fun, learning during workshops or a day at the beach and BBQ.

Whether you want to organize a winter staff outing or a company party for your entire staff, we will make sure it will be a day to remember. Company outings are also great fun in the summer. In the summer months we welcome you to the coast of Scheveningen, for various beach activities. 

You can always without obligation contact contact us for advice and consultation. Many of our company outings can also be organized at a location of your choice. We have a lot of experience and can advise you on the best options. Do you especially want to work on team building? We understand better than anyone which company outings are most suitable for this in your case. 

If you organize an outdoor activity, we can always find a suitable one alternative in case the weather doesn't cooperate at all. Feel free to contact Flitz events if you are considering organizing a winter company outing and want to know more about all options, rates and staff outings.

Company outing November

A winter company outing in November can be a nice way to end the working year and at the same time strengthen team spirit. At Flitz-Events we offer a wide range of activities that we can organize on location, from sporting challenges to creative workshops and fun games.

Our professional team building experts are happy to help you choose the perfect activity for your company outing winter in November. For example, we can organize an outdoor adventure.

Company outing winter

A winter company outing can be a fun and unforgettable experience for the whole team. There are many different activities you can do in the winter, depending on your company's interests and budget.

A popular winter company outing is a day in the winter wonderland. This is a fun way to be active and enjoy the beautiful winter scenery at the same time.

If you are looking for something a little quieter, you can also consider visiting a Cocktail workshop. Here you can enjoy your homemade cocktail during the winter company outing


Frequently asked questions

  • Will it be organized indoors or outdoors?
    Our winter company outings can take place both indoors and outdoors. Making ice sculptures is our most popular winter outing, which takes place outdoors, for example. We also have an option for a bad weather alternative if the weather gets really bad.
  • Are there special activities for the holidays?
    During the Christmas periods it is always extra fun to get together. Flitz-Events can easily combine an activity with a delicious Christmas dinner. For example, we offer a winter wonderland, where you can experience a cozy Austrian Apres-Ski with lots of games and hot drinks.
  • What happens with bad weather?
    We try to continue our activities as much as possible. But if the weather is really bad, we do offer alternative activities.
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