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Sample program Company outing: Sun & Fun Beach Day

Discover what a fully organized Sun & Fun Beach Day can look like, perfect for team building and fun at the beach.

Schedule of the Day:

13:30 PM - 14:00 PM Reception with paintProduct presentationrefreshing (non-alcoholic) cocktail.
14:00 PM – 14:30 PM Welcome speech and explanation of the day's program.
14:30 PM – 16:00 PM First round of Sun & Fun activities.
16:00 PM – 16:30 PM Relaxing break.
16:30 PM – 18:00 PM Second round of Sun & Fun activities.
18:00 PM – 18:30 PM Time to lounge and relax.
18:30 PM - 21:00 PM Closing with a tropical barbecue.

Optional additions:

13:00 PM Start the day with a delicious lunch (optional).
17:00 PM Drinks hour after the activities (optional).

Important information:

  • This program is an example and can be fully adapted to your wishes.
  • Suitable for all group sizes, from small teams to large company outings.
  • Activities are designed to enhance team building and provide fun for everyone.

At Flitz-Events we strive to make your company outing unforgettable with a mix of action, relaxation and delicious food. Every part of the program, from the activities to the meals, can be customized to perfectly suit the needs and preferences of your team.

Why choose Flitz Events?

  • Professional guidance for every activity.
  • Wide range of activities suitable for all ages and areas of interest.
  • Beautiful beachside locations that provide the perfect backdrop for any event.

Contact Flitz-Events for more information and to put together your ideal company outing. We're happy to help personalize every aspect of your day to ensure it's a great success!

Example program for your company outingtop 10 best company outings

A company outing with your colleagues is a great way to relax and at the same time teambuilding to improve. For example, a sample program for a company outing could consist of a day full of fun and challenging activities. For example, the program could start with a team building activity, such as a escape room or a joint cocktail workshop. The program could then continue with a fun and relaxing activity, such as a city cruise.

Finally, the program could end with a nice drink or dinner to end the day. Such a sample program offers the perfect combination of team building and relaxation, and ensures that the company outing becomes an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Discover our company outings in other cities such as The Hague, Scheveningen en Rotterdam for more variety and inspiration.

At Flitz-Events we understand that organizing a company outing is often a complex task, especially when it comes to putting together a program that meets all wishes and needs. That's why we not only offer standard packages, but also help tailor programs to ensure a perfect experience.

How Flitz-Events helps create a sample program:

  1. Personal Conversation: We start with a personal conversation to understand your wishes and the specifics of your company outing. Whether it concerns a sporty team or a group that prefers less intensive activities, we provide a balanced program.
  2. Diversity in Activities: We offer a wide range of activities that are both challenging and accessible for all participants. This ensures that both sporty and less sporty colleagues can enjoy the outing.
  3. Custom Power Options: Taking into account all dietary requirements and food allergies, such as vegetarian, gluten-free, halal and more, we ensure that everyone can enjoy delicious meals.
  4. Registration program: To make the organization run as smoothly as possible, we offer a registration program in which all participants can indicate their preferences. This helps us efficiently organize and tailor activities and catering to individual needs.
  5. Complete Organization: From planning and implementation to completion, Flitz-Events takes on all organizational tasks. We ensure that everything goes according to plan, so that you can fully focus on enjoying the day with your colleagues.

At Flitz-Events our goal is not only to organize a fun day, but also to provide an experience that strengthens cooperation and the atmosphere within the team.

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