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Company outings Tilburg

Looking for the ideal destination for an unforgettable company outing? Look no further, because Tilburg offers everything you're looking for and more. This bustling city in the heart of North Brabant is the perfect location to experience a special day with your colleagues. With a range of various activities, attractive locations and a lively atmosphere, Tilburg is the ideal setting for a successful and original company outing. Discover the many possibilities that Tilburg has to offer with us and turn your team outing into an unforgettable adventure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long in advance should we book our company outing in Tilburg?
    It is recommended to book your company outing in Tilburg as early as possible to guarantee availability. Please contact us to discuss available dates and options.
  • Is it possible to combine different activities for our company outing in Tilburg?
    Certainly! We offer various activities and packages that can be combined to create a unique and tailor-made company outing in Tilburg. Contact us for more information about the possibilities.

Company outings Tilburg: always a party

When you think of Tilburg, you think of a bustling city with many possibilities for an unforgettable company outing. Tilburg offers a perfect mix of lively activities, atmospheric locations and conviviality, guaranteeing that your team outing here will be a party.

Whether you opt for an exciting team building activity in the beautiful nature around Tilburg, a culinary adventure in the cozy restaurants of the city, or a creative workshop in a unique location, there is something for everyone in Tilburg. The diversity of options makes it easy to organize a company outing that perfectly matches the interests and goals of your team.

And best of all? The vibrant energy of Tilburg is contagious and creates a positive and stimulating atmosphere during your outing. Laughing together, working together and enjoying all the beauty that Tilburg has to offer, that is what a company outing in this city is all about. Tilburg guarantees an evening of uncomplicated enjoyment. So what are you waiting for? Come and discover for yourself why Tilburg is always a party for a successful team outing!

Flitz-Events helps you with an original company outing in Tilburg

We have a wide range of unique activities that you don't see very often. How about the exciting virtual reality company outing, for example, where you have to solve puzzles and various brainteasers within time. This enigmatic company outing is extremely suitable as a team building activity, because cooperation is paramount here.

At Flitz-Events it is also possible to supplement the fun company outing with another activity or a catering arrangement.

Top 3 activities for an original company outing

To provide you with some more inspiration, we would like to share our top 3 original company outings:

Expedition Robinson

Expedition Robinson is a particularly challenging activity. In teams you compete against each other in all kinds of challenging tests. the team that wins the most of these trials is the Expedition Robinson winner. This sporty company outing offers enormous benefits in the field of team building. Colleagues get to know each other in a completely different way, which creates a new division of roles.

City walk with GPS tour

Discover the city of Tilburg in a completely new way during a pleasant city walk with a GPS tour. Be guided by modern technology as you explore historic streets, bustling squares and interesting landmarks. With the help of a GPS device you will be guided along the most special locations and you will be presented with challenging assignments and questions along the way.

The special company outing can then easily be concluded with a pleasant drink.

Shaking cocktails workshop

One of the nicest company outings we offer! The cocktail workshop is a unique experience where you and your colleagues learn the art of shaking cocktails. Under the guidance of a professional bartender, you will work with various ingredients, shakers and glasses to create your own delicious cocktails.

Are you looking for an exciting company outing? Or are your employees more fans of relaxed activity? No problem, we are happy to assist you!

Company outing Tilburg including a delicious dinner?

That is also possible! At Flitz-Events we offer the possibility to end your company outing in Tilburg with a delicious dinner of your choice. After a day full of fun and challenging activities, it's time to relax and enjoy a tasty meal together. Whether you opt for a culinary three-course menu, a cozy BBQ or a relaxed walking dinner, we will ensure that your company outing in Tilburg will be a complete and unforgettable experience.

Let us know what your preferences are and we will arrange everything down to the last detail. Enjoy good together with your colleagues eten, conviviality and an atmospheric ambiance during your activity. A delicious dinner is the perfect way to end your successful company outing in a tasty and pleasant way.

Choose Flitz Events

A unique company outing with the best outings and activities in the Tilburg region, Friesland, Amsterdam? At Flitz-Events we are ready for you. From a bonbon workshop to an outdoor escape room and from hexathlon to the drink boat, we guarantee an unforgettable day with colleagues, friends or family.

From the tasty company outing to the exciting company outing, the possibilities vary widely. Together we make it the original company outing. Contact us without obligation to discuss the possibilities for your best company outing. Together we ensure an unforgettable day and pleasant evening in atmospheric Brabant.