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Company outing at Scheveningen beach

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Flitz events has been organizing company outings / events in Scheveningen for many years with pleasure and enthusiasm.

In collaboration with various restaurants / beach pavilions in Scheveningen, it is possible to put together the right arrangements for your company outing. There is ready-made beach days, beach activities, combination packages or a customized beach day.

After choosing an activity for the company outing in Scheveningen we can discuss the concluding barbecue or buffet. The price of your outing depends on the number of participants, desired catering and activity choice.

Company outing Scheveningen, something for everyone!

If one location is suitable for a company outing, then it is Scheveningen beach. A company outing in Scheveningen guarantees fun at a unique location. A beautiful beach and the Pier, with the impressive Kurhaus in the background ... it just won't get any nicer. Add to this the most beautiful and trendy beach bars on the Dutch coast and you have everything to make your company outing in Scheveningen a top day. Scheveningen is the most popular beach in the Netherlands. Scheveningen beach is loved by many people in summer and winter. Thanks to the wide beach there is enough space to arrange the company outing on the beach of Scheveningen.

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Company outing in Scheveningen, customization is also possible

Standard nowadays hardly ever exists. We understand this very well and we are happy to think along with you. We always do this in practical and affordable solutions. Maybe you have a certain idea yourself, but you don't know how to implement it. Or maybe you want to combine a number of activities that we offer. Let us know and together we'll always work it out. This applies of course if you want to close the company outing with a delicious BBQ or drink, on the beach of course. Much is possible and few are impossible. Also choose a unique company outing, choose a company outing in Scheveningen!

Company outing Scheveningen, active and sporty at work

The beach of Scheveningen challenges you to get started actively. It is up to you to take up the challenge and meet these challenges. For example, how about a kite flying or power kite workshop? Experience the power of wind and try to control the kite. Play beach volleyball or do team building through the popular Robinson Crusoe Experience. Only if you operate as a team do you know how to complete the most difficult tests and puzzles. Surf rafting and farmers beach golf are also examples of sporting activities for which you can opt for the company outing Scheveningen.

Company outing Scheveningen, also for creative company outings

Of course you can do so much more at Scheveningen beach than just sporting activities. The beach is the ultimate place to be creative. Of course we are happy to take care of this type of activity for you. Follow a painting workshop on the beach or learn how to build a kite yourself. Making jewelry yourself or pimping slippers is very popular and its activities where you can let your imagination and creativity run free. And always been curious how anyone can build those fantastic sand sculptures? Our sand sculpture building workshop will teach you the tricks!

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Outing on the beach of Scheveningen:

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Cheap Outing Scheveningen

Do you want a cheap company outing in Scheveningen? That is also possible!
Flitz-events specializes in high-quality company outings and staff outings at competitive prices. At Flitz events you can book a company outing in Scheveningen for almost any budget. Ask for the possibilities.

All beach pavilions and terraces with a spectacular sea view, so perfect for an extensive lunch or / and a delicious BBQ and a top party in combination with a sporty or creative company outing.

Company outing Scheveningen, too many to mention

We have already lifted a tip about the possibilities that we have to offer for a company outing in Scheveningen. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We are happy to give you some examples of activities that we would like to organize for you, namely:

  • Bubble footbal
  • Powerboat sailing
  • Cocktail shaking workshop
  • Play "Who is the Rat (mole)"
  • Take a GPS tour
  • Poker tournament
  • Standup paddle boarding

New activities are added regularly, so keep an eye on our website!