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Company Outings & Events in Scheveningen

Looking for a sporty, challenging, educational or culinary company outing in Scheveningen? Then you've come to the right place at Flitz-Events! We offer a wide range of activities and packages to make your company outing in the Scheveningen region a true success. In collaboration with various beach bars and restaurants at various locations, we can put together a complete company outing according to your wishes. For example, choose a beach day in combination with a tasty BBQ, or hop on one of our tour boats and combine the pleasant afternoon with an extensive lunch.

Everything is possible. We are happy to help you organize a complete company outing, including the option to combine games.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you combine multiple activities?
    Of course. For example, you can choose to combine sporting activities with a pleasant dinner in the center of The Hague. At Flitz-Events we ensure that the experience is number 1. Together we discuss the possibility of combining several activities.
  • What are the costs for a team outing?
    The costs for a team outing can vary depending on various factors, such as the chosen activity(s), the number of participants, the duration of the outing and any extras such as catering or transport. It is therefore difficult to name a specific price without more information. Fortunately, you can always ask for information for organizing outings through an event agency such as Flitz-Events.
  • What are the most popular outings in Scheveningen?
    Scheveningen is known for its unique outings. From a team outing on the beach to a combined outing through the city center of The Hague, the possibilities vary widely. Visit the pier, do a sporting activity along the coast or enjoy the beautiful boulevard.

Discover Scheveningen as a top location for company outings

If there is one location suitable for a company outing, it is the beach of beautiful Scheveningen. Scheveningen is not only known for its wide sandy beach and the historic pier with the imposing backdrop Kurhaus, but also as a location that offers energy and inspiration. Whether you opt for action and adventure with beach activities such as power kiting and beach volleyball, or prefer a more relaxed setting with workshops and culinary treats, Scheveningen offers it all. Collaborating with various beach bars and local restaurants allows us to tailor-make every company outing.

Add to this the most beautiful and trendy beach bars on the Dutch coast and you have everything you need to make your company outing in Scheveningen a great day. The beach of Scheveningen is loved by many people in summer and winter. Thanks to the wide beach, there is plenty of room your company outing on the beach of Scheveningen.

Everything is possible: Whether you want to combine a full beach day with a delicious BBQ, or prefer an educational workshop followed by a relaxing drink, we are ready to help you put together the perfect outing. Our ability to combine gaming with culinary delights makes every event both enjoyable and memorable.

Top 5 Beach Clubs in Scheveningen: April to the end of October

  1.  Fonk Beach Fonk Beach is known for its relaxed atmosphere and stylish decor. It's the perfect spot for a sunny day at the beach, with comfortable lounge chairs and an excellent menu of fresh seafood and tasty cocktails.
  2. Buena Vista Beach Club Environmentally friendly and energy neutral, Buena Vista Beach Club combines sustainability with luxury. Enjoy a beautiful sea view and a menu full of organic dishes, ideal for a sustainable company outing.
  3. Twins Twins is ideal for larger groups and offers a wide range of activities in addition to an extensive menu. From brunches to barbecue evenings, Twins has everything to complete your day at the beach.
  4. Blue Lagoon This trendy beach bar is a true hotspot for both locals and visitors. Blue Lagoon offers a lively atmosphere with regular live music and DJ sets, in addition to a fantastic selection of drinks and international cuisine.
  5. Solbeach At Solbeach you can grill your own meal on a personal barbecue, which provides a unique, interactive dining experience. Solbeach is ideal for team building and informal meetings.

Top 5 Beach Clubs in Scheveningen: Winter months

  1. Water giant Waterreus is the winter favorite for many because of its cozy interior and heart-warming dishes. Here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the winter waves while sitting by a fire.
  2. Hart Beach Hart Beach transforms into a surfer's paradise in winter with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The location offers excellent surfing courses that you can combine with delicious winter meals.
  3. Solo Vino Solo Vino offers an extensive selection of Italian wines and matching dishes. It is an excellent choice for wine lovers and those looking for a cozy place to escape the cold.
  4. La Galleria Kurhausplein Located directly on the iconic Kurhausplein, La Galleria offers authentic Italian cuisine. It is a perfect location for dinners after a winter walk along the boulevard.
  5. Mezze Scheveningen For a warm Mediterranean experience, visit Mezze, where you can enjoy a range of Middle Eastern dishes. The welcoming atmosphere and extensive mezze boards make this a great choice for fun group dinners.

Parking in Scheveningen

Parking in Scheveningen can be a challenge, especially in high season due to the popularity of this location. However, Flitz-Events provides detailed parking information and options for all participants in our events. We recommend using the parking facilities on the outskirts of Scheveningen, such as the Zwarte Pad and the parking garages near the port. More information can be found at the page parking Scheveningen

Overview of Company Outings in Scheveningen

Discover our company outings in Scheveningen with Flitz-Events! Whether your interest is active beach activities such as Expedition Robinson or hexathlon, educational and cultural experiences such as museums and historical iPad tours, or relaxing options such as cocktail workshops. Scheveningen offers the perfect backdrop for any type of event. Every season offers unique opportunities; enjoy summer beach games or atmospheric winter indoor activities. Discover more about our types of company outings and seasonal activities.

Top 5 Company Outings in Scheveningen

  1. Robinson Crusoe Challenge: Test your survival skills and team spirit with this exciting beach activity inspired by the famous adventure.
  2. Beach games (Six-camp): A series of fun and competitive games on the beach that promote teamwork and sportsmanship.
  3. powerkiting: Feel the power of the wind with power kiting, a dynamic and energetic beach activity.
  4. Beach volleyball: Organize a beach volleyball tournament for a sporty and social company outing.
  5. iPad Tours: Discover Scheveningen with interactive iPad tours, a perfect mix of technology and exploration.

Top 3 Creative Company Outings

  1. Painting workshop: Unleash your team's creativity with a relaxing and artistic painting workshop on the beach.
  2. Building Sand Sculptures: Work together to create impressive sand sculptures, a perfect team-building exercise that's also fun.
  3. Cocktail Workshop: Learn to make delicious cocktails during this fun and educational workshop, ideal for a relaxing team outing.

Top 3 Winter Company Outings

  1. Winter Wonderland: Transform part of the beach or a nearby location into an enchanting winter wonderland, complete with winter activities.
  2. Curling Clinic: Introduce your team to the art of curling with a professional clinic, suitable for cold days.
  3. Ice sculpture workshop: Challenge your team to use their precision and creativity in this cool art form, ideal for winter team building.

Combine several activities as a company outing in Scheveningen

Combining multiple activities not only offers variety in atmosphere and fun, but it also allows you to accommodate different interests and preferences within the team. It ensures a versatile organized and dynamic company outing that everyone can enjoy.

It is also possible to combine several activities during the company outing! How about a sporting activity such as beach volleyball with a relaxing yoga or mindfulness workshop to unwind.

Or you can combine an active outdoor activity such as a GPS tour or a city walk with a culinary experience, such as a tasting of local delicacies or a cocktail workshop where you prepare delicious cocktails yourself. Another option is to combine a creative workshop, such as painting, who is the jellyfish, Eldorado Scheveningen or escape room Scheveningen, with a team building activity such as an escape room or a teamwork challenge. This ensures a perfect balance between creativity and collaboration.

“Flitz-Events guarantees a company outing together with all colleagues. Guaranteed a fun afternoon and plenty of options to give a personal touch to a unique day.”

Preparation phase of company outings in Scheveningen

We tailor the outing to your wishes. You can also entrust that to us. Everything is negotiable!
Step 1: Set a start and end time for yourself for your outing
Step 2: Choose your activity(s)
Step 3: If necessary, add a reception drink, lunch or BBQ to your outing
Step 4: Request a quote! You will then receive a tailor-made, no-obligation proposal in your mailbox within 24 hours on working days.

A successful company outing starts with good preparation. Flitz-Events helps you with:

  • Determine objectives: Together we define the goals of the outing, whether it concerns team building, relaxation, or education.
  • Budgeting: Give us a budget and offer some options that provide maximum value for your budget.
  • Planning and organization: From choosing the right date and location to arranging transport and accommodation.
  • Logistics Planning: We can assist with transportation, accommodation, and all catering needs, taking into account dietary preferences and allergies.

Finally, Scheveningen is also a good choice when it comes to accessibility. The seaside resort is easily accessible by car, train or bus and offers various parking options. This makes it easy for everyone to come to Scheveningen for a fun and relaxed staff outing.

Affordable Company Outings with Price Match Guarantee

At Flitz-Events we offer cost-effective options for every budget. Our price match guarantee ensures that you always get the best price; If you find a lower rate elsewhere, we will adjust our price. We guarantee not only affordability, but also quality and fun at every event.

Request a no-obligation quote 

At Flitz-Events we are happy to help you gain more insight into the company outing. That is why we always make an example plan and a suitable quote, so that you do not run into unforeseen surprises. We always ask you to pass on your wishes, so that we get an idea of ​​the group size, desired activity and desired location. It is then up to us to draw up a nice offer for you, stating the prices per person. Our company outings vary enormously in prices. Therefore, always inquire, so that you always know what to expect.

Customization is also possible for your company outing in Scheveningen!

Nowadays the concept of “standard” hardly exists anymore. We realize this all too well, and that is why we are happy to think along with you. Our solutions are always practical and affordable. Or perhaps you want to combine different activities that we offer. Let us know and together we will always find a solution. Of course you can end the company outing with a delicious barbecue or drink on the beach.

Almost everything is possible and little is impossible. Choose a unique company outing, choose a successful company outing in Scheveningen for an experience by the sea!

Why Choose Flitz-Events for a Unique Company Outing in Scheveningen?

Do you have special wishes for an original company outing? Whether it concerns a specific theme, a specific location, or a unique activity, at Flitz-Events we specialize in creating tailor-made events that meet your exact requirements. At Flitz events, personal attention and customer satisfaction are of paramount importance. We do everything we can to make your company outing to Scheveningen a success.

  • Customization for every concept Whether you are looking for an exclusive boat trip along the coast, an interactive one meeting in a historic place, or an adrenaline-packed adventure day, we combine the right elements to bring your ideas to life. Every detail of the event is carefully planned to ensure an unforgettable experience.
  • Culinary flexibility Do you have specific dietary requirements or preferences? Whether it concerns a vegan menu, gluten-free options, or dishes inspired by a particular culture, we work with caterers who can accommodate any culinary request.
  • Creative and practical solutions From inspiring workshops to a culinary discovery tour, Flitz-Events offers a wide range of options that meet all wishes. Even in bad weather, we have a suitable alternative ready to ensure that your event runs smoothly and enjoyable.
  • A memorable experience guaranteed At Flitz-Events we strive to make every company outing unique and memorable, regardless of the location. Our experienced staff is always ready to work with you and organize an event that will be talked about for a long time.
  • Free consultation and dedicated support Contact us to discuss your ideas and the possibilities. Our dedicated employees are happy to help you plan and realize a perfectly organized company outing.

Sustainability initiatives and Quality Guarantee at Flitz-Events

  • Sustainability at Flitz-Events At Flitz-Events we take our environmental responsibility seriously and integrate sustainability into every aspect of our events. We strive to not only meet our customers' expectations, but also make a positive impact on our community and the planet.
  • Quality guarantees from Flitz-Events Quality comes first at Flitz-Events. We guarantee the highest standards in the planning and execution of our events. Every detail, from the choice of location to the execution of activities, is carefully planned and monitored to ensure that every event runs smoothly and meets the expectations of our customers. Our commitment to quality includes regular reviews and improvements to our processes, and we offer a satisfaction guarantee to all our customers to ensure that their experience with Flitz-Events will be unforgettable.

Choose Flitz-Events and let us exceed the expectations of you and your team with a company outing that meets your wishes on all fronts.

Spectacular Company Outing - Surf rafting as a company outing in Scheveningen