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Company outing North Holland

Are you looking for a unique company outing in North Holland or the surrounding area? At Flitz-Events we offer daily activities that are ideally suited for a pleasant company outing with colleagues. Regardless of the group size, we can offer a wide range of activities. From Robinson expedition to escape rooms, and from a cruise to a city walk in one of the North Holland cities.

At Flitz-Events we are happy to help you organize an original company outing full of sporting, relaxing or cultural activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of activities and packages does Flitz-Events offer for company outings in North Holland?
    At Flitz-Events we offer a wide range of activities and packages for company outings in North Holland. Whether you are looking for adventurous outdoor activities, cultural workshops, team building activities or relaxing outings, we have something for every team and group. From Expedition Robinson to escape rooms and from cocktail workshops to city walks, we provide a varied offering to make your company outing unique and memorable.
  • Can you also put together tailor-made programs for company outings in North Holland?
    Of course! At Flitz-Events we understand that every company outing is unique. That is why we can put together tailor-made programs that exactly meet your wishes. Whether it concerns the location, activities, duration or theme of the company outing, we are happy to think along with you to create a program that perfectly matches your goals and expectations.
  • What are the advantages of organizing a company outing in North Holland with Flitz-Events?
    Organizing a company outing in North Holland with Flitz-Events offers various advantages. Our vast experience and expertise enable us to create unique and unforgettable experiences. In addition, we can offer various locations and activities, from historic cities to beautiful countryside. Our tailor-made programs ensure that the company outing perfectly matches your wishes and goals, resulting in a positive impact on team building, collaboration and fun.
  • What are the popular team building activities and company outings that Flitz-Events offers in North Holland?
    Flitz-Events offers various popular team building activities and company outings in North Holland. Expedition Robinson is an adventurous team building activity where teams work together on challenges and assignments. We also offer on-site cocktail workshops, where participants learn the art of cocktail making. City walks through cities such as Amsterdam, Alkmaar and Haarlem are also very popular. These activities promote team building, collaboration and create enjoyable memories.
  • Why company outings have numerous advantages?
    Company outings have several advantages. They promote mutual bonds between colleagues by allowing them to work together in a different way and get to know each other outside the working environment. This improves cooperation, communication and team spirit in the workplace. In addition, company outings increase employee happiness and motivation, contribute to a positive corporate culture and can improve the productivity and performance of the team. They also give employers insight into the dynamics and strengths of their team members.
  • Is North Holland easy to reach?
    Noord-Holland is easy to reach both by public transport and by car.

From historic cities to fun outings

Museums, culture, North Holland is known for a wide range of sights. From historical monuments to the historic cheese market in Alkmaar, there is always something to do in the province of North Holland.

And North Holland is not only an attractive destination for culture lovers. The province also has a lot to offer for company outings and team building activities. Whether you opt for a creative workshop in one of the cities, or a sporty outing in the natural surroundings of Gelderland, or a relaxing activity on the coast, North Holland is the perfect location to create unforgettable memories with your team. With Flitz-Events as a partner, you can count on unique and tailor-made arrangements that will make your company outing in North Holland a success.

From a company outing in Amsterdam to a company outing in Waterland or the Zaan region

The Zaanse Schans, historic farms, cheese markets and Amsterdam water supply dunes, just a few places of interest in atmospheric North Holland. In consultation with Flitz-Events, you choose a beautiful location to have the company outing carried out.

Whether it concerns the dynamics of the city of Amsterdam, the tranquility of rural Waterland or the charm of the Zaan region, there is something for every team and every group. Together we will make your company outing an unforgettable experience in the beautiful North Holland.

Top 3 outings in North Holland

To provide you with some inspiration for the upcoming company outing in North Holland, we would like to share our top 3 outings in the province.

Expedition Robinson

Expedition Robinson is an adventurous and challenging team building activity that has its origins in the well-known television program. During this activity, teams are challenged to work together, come up with creative solutions and overcome physical and mental challenges.

As in the program, participants are faced with tests and assignments that require teamwork, communication and perseverance. Expedition Robinson is an exciting activity that creates a close team bond and an unforgettable experience for the participants.

Cocktail workshop on location

An on-site cocktail workshop is an interactive and tasteful experience where participants learn the art of cocktail making. Under the guidance of an experienced bartender, they get to know different techniques, ingredients and combinations.

This workshop takes place at a location of your choice, which makes it extra special. Participants get the chance to get started themselves, to shake and taste cocktails. It is not only educational, but also very cozy and a great way to enjoy delicious drinks together.

City walk through Amsterdam, Alkmaar or Haarlem

Alkmaar, Haarlem and Amsterdam are all unique and beautiful cities in the province of North Holland. During a city walk you will get to know the most beautiful places and historical sights of these cities. Stroll along the atmospheric canals, admire the impressive architecture and discover the rich history that lurks behind every street corner.

Whether you are interested in cultural highlights, local traditions or just want to enjoy the lively atmosphere, walking through the capital city of Amsterdam, Alkmaar or Haarlem is a great way to experience these cities in a new and meaningful way.

Company outing North Holland, absolutely worth it!

Beach, sea, dunes, history and city, you will find it all in North Holland. For that reason, the province is an interesting location for an exciting company outing with colleagues. With a wide range of both indoor attractions and beautiful outdoor areas, North Holland offers numerous possibilities in the field of outings. Cultural, sporty, relaxing or culinary, nothing is too crazy!

North Holland is full of beautiful places to carry out unique company outings. For a large part of our activities we need a large plain to fully enjoy the experience. The alternation between bustling cities and the tranquility of nature makes North Holland the ideal environment to create unforgettable memories with your team. With Flitz-Events as a partner, you have the opportunity to excel in team building, have fun and enjoy the charm of North Holland during your company outing.

Why company outings have many advantages

Company outings are ideal for both the employees and the employer. For the employees, a company outing with the whole group is a pleasant way to work on team building. You get to know each other in a different way. Outside the workplace, but in an informal, free setting. This creates new friendships and a better click between you and your colleagues.

At the same time, it is a unique way for the employer to see how employees behave during the various assignments and activities. During the active outings in North Holland, a natural division of roles will arise from people who will take the lead to people who just succumb to the pressure of time. As an employer, you gain additional insights that you can use later in the workplace. Better for productivity, creativity and team building in the workplace!

You will find the best outings in North Holland at Flitz-Events!

Are you looking for fun activities during a company outing in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Alkmaar, Enkhuizen or another beautiful location in North Holland? Then Flitz-Events is happy to assist you! North Holland is definitely worth a visit.

You can completely without obligation withtact contact us to discuss the possibilities. You can request a non-binding quote, but you can also call us to discuss this with our employees.