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Company outing Maastricht

Looking for an inspiring and unforgettable company outing in beautiful Maastricht? At Flitz-Events we are ready to give you and your team an extraordinary experience. Located in the southernmost tip of the Netherlands, Maastricht offers an enchanting setting for a successful team outing.

Whether you are looking for adventurous team building, creative workshops or relaxing activities, our diverse selection of activities for a Maastricht company outing ensures that there is something for everyone. Together we will discover the charm of this historic city and create a day full of fun, team building and special memories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of team building activities can we expect during a company outing in Maastricht?
    At Flitz-Events we offer a varied range of team building activities in Maastricht. Think of challenging outdoor games such as Expedition Robinson, creative workshops, city games, and sports activities such as hexathlon and Highland Games. We have suitable activities for every team and every objective to create an unforgettable team outing.
  • Can you help us choose the right activities and locations for our team outing in Maastricht?
    Certainly! Our experienced team is ready to advise you in choosing the perfect activities and locations for your team outing in Maastricht. We listen to your wishes and goals, and are happy to put together a tailor-made program that meets your needs. Whether you are looking for adventurous challenges, relaxing activities or a combination of both, we provide a tailor-made and successful event.
  • How can we combine our company outing in Maastricht with lunch, dinner or drinks?
    At Flitz-Events we offer the possibility to combine your team outing in Maastricht with a delicious lunch, tasty dinner or cozy drink. Our professional catering partners provide culinary indulgence that seamlessly matches the atmosphere and goals of your event. This way you can conclude the team building activities with a cozy get-together and enjoy delicious food and drinks.
  • What are the advantages of organizing a team outing in Maastricht with Flitz-Events?
    Organizing a team outing in Maastricht with Flitz-Events offers various advantages. Our experienced team ensures a seamless organization from start to finish, allowing you to fully focus on team building and fun. We offer a varied range of activities and can provide customization based on your specific wishes and goals. Moreover, our team building activities are not only fun, but they also contribute to better cooperation, communication and team dynamics within your organization.

Discover Maastricht

Explore the beautiful city of Maastricht and discover the unique charm and history this vibrant city has to offer. From picturesque streets and cozy squares to impressive architecture and cultural attractions, Maastricht has something for everyone. And around Maastricht you will find the beautiful hilly landscape of Limburg. In short: a suitable location for a company outing.

Enjoy a relaxing walk along the Meuse, admire the famous Basilica of Saint Servatius and taste the delicious local dishes in cozy restaurants. Discover the warm hospitality and lively atmosphere of Maastricht during an unforgettable company outing with Flitz-Events.

Maastricht team building

Want to discover the best team building activities in atmospheric Maastricht? At Flitz-Events we offer a range of exciting and challenging team building activities that bring your team closer together and strengthen cooperation.

Whether you want to explore the historic streets of Maastricht during an interactive treasure hunt, get creative together during a workshop, or strengthen team spirit with sporting challenges, our team building activities are designed to combine fun with effective collaboration. How about Expedition Robinson, for example, where you join forces to compete against each other in teams in various challenging tests. Discover the unique possibilities of Maastricht and experience an unforgettable team outing with Flitz-Events.

The benefits of team building activities

A fun team building activity is not only meant to have a nice day. You get to know each other better and from a different side. But there are also many advantages of a team building outing. We are happy to name these for you.

Enhanced Collaboration: Team building activities promote cooperation between team members. By tackling challenges and achieving goals together, colleagues learn to communicate effectively with each other and to use each other's strengths.

Better Communication: Teamwork requires clear and open communication. Team building activities encourage sharing ideas and listening to each other's perspectives, leading to improved communication skills within the team.

Trust and Connection: By collaborating on challenging tasks and activities, team members build trust and develop stronger bonds. This strengthens mutual relationships and promotes a positive and supportive work environment.

Creative Thinking: Many team building activities challenge participants to come up with creative solutions to complex problems. This stimulates the creative thinking of team members and encourages them to explore innovative approaches.

The benefits of team building outings for the employer

For the employer, team building outings offer considerable advantages. In addition to promoting team cohesion and strengthening mutual relationships, these outings contribute to a more productive work environment. A close-knit team that works well together and communicates effectively leads to more efficient workflows and improved performance.

In addition, team building activities demonstrate the employer's commitment to employee well-being, which enhances employee satisfaction and motivation. Creating a positive and enjoyable working atmosphere not only results in lower employee turnover, but also in an improved company culture and ultimately business success.

Team outing in Maastricht: Definitely worth it

A team outing in Maastricht is without a doubt a valuable and unforgettable experience for your team. Steeped in history and surrounded by charming architecture, this vibrant city provides the perfect backdrop for a day of team building and fun.

With a range of unique activities, beautiful locations and the opportunity to enjoy delicious culinary arrangements, a team outing in Maastricht guarantees a strengthened team bond, positive energy and a lasting impression. Discover the many possibilities together with Flitz-Events and create an extraordinary day that is both challenging and entertaining.

Combine a company outing in Maastricht with a delicious lunch, dinner or drink

Would you like to end your company outing in Maastricht with a delicious dinner, a pleasant lunch or a well-deserved drink? Everything is possible. In consultation we can combine our activities with an additional catering package. Enjoy a tasty meal or refreshing drinks to end your day in style and strengthen the team spirit.

In consultation we look at the possibilities and we ensure that the fun activity is concluded with a well-deserved moment of rest in the pleasant city of Maastricht.

Staff outing Maastricht: Choose Flitz-Events

From an escape room to power kiting and from Expedition Robinson to a walking dinner, we will make it an unforgettable day in consultation! Go out with colleagues and discover the charm of Maastricht during this fun company outing.

Together we look at the possibilities and set a solution fun, full program together that is suitable for all colleagues. Please contact us without obligation to discuss the options. You can also request a quote immediately to gain insight into the costs.