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Company outing Hoek van Holland Strand

Company outings and team outings on the beach of Hoek van Holland

For many years, Flitz-events has been organizing company outings / activities and events in Hoek van Holland with pleasure and enthusiasm.

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Hoek van Holland is the seaside resort of Rotterdam and "The Place to Be" for young and old. Relaxing in the sand, bathing in the sea, exercising on the water, enjoying a snack and a drink in one of the many beach pavilions and restaurants, walking through an unspoilt dune area: Hoek van Holland has it all. In addition, Hoek van Holland, as a company outing resort number 1 of the Netherlands, has a unique company outing offer.

After the selected activities we can discuss the closing barbecue or buffet on the beach.

Do you have a certain budget and this does not match the prices, then we can always arrange something for you!

Beach games Hoek van Holland

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Company outing on the beach at Hoek van Holland:

If you cannot find something or if there are any questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly so that we can help you immediately!

Top 3 winter company outings and outings

From October to March you can book an original company outing in the winter months, Christmas outing, winter wonderland or winter outing that will be talked about for a long time.

Below you will find our top 3 winter company outings:

Top 3 Creative winter outings

The creative workshops in Scheveningen consist of various activities. From sand sculptures to pimping slippers. There is plenty of choice to do fun creative workshops in Scheveningen.

Of course it is possible to combine creative workshops with active workshops on the beach of Scheveningen. Because not everyone within the company has the same interests, it is sometimes difficult as an "organizer" to organize a fun day for everyone.

Our creative workshops can be booked as part of a company outing or as a separate workshop.

Below you will find our top 3 creative company outings:

In addition to taking care of your company outing, we have also selected a beach pavilion in Hoek van Holland that we would like to work with, namely Royal beach club. The beach bar is unique and has proven itself in recent years as an excellent partner and catering service. However, we are not location-specific and we also regularly work from various other beach pavilions.
You can choose the ready-made beach day, activities or a customized beach day.

Below you can see all the workshops that can make up your beach staff outing.

Locations Company outing Scheveningen

In addition to taking care of your company outing, you have a number of beach pavilions in Scheveningen for one company outing in Scheveningen. Flitz events is a regular partner of various beach pavilions in Scheveningen. The beach tent are all unique and have proven themselves in recent years as excellent partners and catering for your company outing. However, we are not location-specific and we also regularly work from various other beach pavilions.

Do team outings in Hoek van Holland

Are you looking for a team outing that fits perfectly with your team in Hoek van Holland? Then you don't have to look far. In Hoek van Holland there are many activities that you can perform together with your team, for example to work on your team building. Team outings in the streets of Hoek van Holland, team outings on the shoreline at Hoek van Holland, you can hardly imagine it or there is a possibility to do this. But which team outings are not only useful for strengthening the mutual bond, but also fun to do, so that your team is really looking forward to carrying out the activity? To answer this question, Flitz Events has made a selection of team outings in Hoek van Holland that are not only good for collaboration, but also make your colleagues smile.


Does your team consist only of tough and heroic team members who want to show that they have the capacity to withstand even the tough trials of the original Olympic Games? Let them prove this by participating in the hexathlon. In six parts you have to prove, individually and as a team, that you have the most endurance, can solve problems the best and can be the fastest and strongest. If you want to strengthen the bond in your team in a way that everyone finds it fun and educational to get to know each other better, then the Flitz Events hexathlon is the perfect team outing.

PubQuiz Hook Of Holland

Do you have a team member who thinks you know something about everything? Or do you want to show another department that you are smarter than they think you are? Then take one of the many quizzes that are available as a team outing. Your office in Hoek van Holland can be turned into a real TV studio in no time, complete with decor, attributes and of course the main prize. Who is the first to hit the buzzer and gives as many correct answers as possible? An ideal way to let your team use each other's specialties in an enthusiastic way and find out who secretly is the silent power of your group.

Sports on the coast

Hoek van Holland is of course at the sea and where the North Sea touches our land, we make good use of it. As a team outing you can learn how to windsurf or raft surf. Brave the waves of the sea together and become the best in the activity. This is also possible with a sailboat, where everything revolves around tactics. If you are not interested in water sports now, there is also plenty to do on land. For example, you can make the beach at Hoek van Holland unsafe by racing around with the wind with a blokart. These go-kart karts guarantee an adrenaline rush. If this is not your street now, you can always participate in a Robinson Crusoe day at the beach, in order to achieve the final victory through difficult trials. This activity is perfect for those who want to strengthen collaboration with each other through fun challenges.

Hoek van Holland as a trending location for team outings

Whoever thinks about organizing a team outing, will probably not think so quickly about doing this team outing in Hoek van Holland. But why not? Hoek van Holland is a great opportunity to plan your activities. For example, the beach at Hoek van Holland is a fantastic place to do these activities. But which activities are suitable for this? Doing a team outing should of course suit your team, and that is why here is an overview of the trendy, fun and appropriate team outings that you can do on the beach at Hoek van Holland thanks to the organization of Flitz Events.

Blokarten Hook of Holland

Do your team love excitement, adrenaline, guts and adventure? Then blokart is the thing for your team outing. With blokart you are in special kart cars. What is so special about this? There is a huge sail attached to it that optimally catches the sea breeze and ensures that you can start racing super fast. Compete against your colleagues and determine who is the biggest speed devil in your team. The beach at Hoek van Holland is perfectly equipped for this, because it is a wide-spread beach where you have the kingdom to yourself. You do not have to worry that you will get in the way of beach visitors who are here to enjoy the peace and quiet. Are these somewhere on the beach, then you race yourself on the other side. This makes blokart not only great fun for you and your team, but also for your fellow people who don't need to be bothered by you. A win-win situation. This is one of the many reasons why blokart in Hoek van Holland is the ultimate team outing.


You can also race on the water by the power of the wind. In Hoek van Holland you can go kite surfing, but also surf rafting is very suitable here. This is of course the perfect solution for the real water rats in your team. Braving the waves of the North Sea with your team and having a lot of fun, isn't that why you want to organize a team outing? You don't have to be bored on the beach for a minute. If there is not much wind, then you go surf rafting, if there is a lot of wind, then you can go kite surfing, if there is too much wind to go at sea, then you can do an onshore activity.

GPS tours

Do you prefer to do something outside the beach? Then you can also discover the place yourself. In Hoek van Holland you can take various GPS tours as a team outing. Discover your place through a GPS system and challenging assignments. Work together as one team to complete the assignments and see Hoek van Holland in a completely different way. You can also decide for yourself on what kind of journey you will go through the streets, whether you do this with a role play or whether you would like to discover in the middle of the night. Whatever fits your team, it's possible with this team outing.

⭐ Looking for top 3 company outings / team outings at Hoek van Holland?

Below you will find the best activities for a company outing or team outing on the beach at Hoek van Holland!
1. Robinson Crusoe Experience
2. Power kiting / kite flying
3. Pub quiz

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Put together your entire day yourself or opt for a ready-made beach day. You can choose from all our activities from creative to sporting outings and then choose from our dinner or BBQ options, possibly different number of people per activity and dinner / BBQ!

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