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Company outing Groningen

Groningen, a beautiful and historic city with a story. In addition to the countless cultural attractions, Groningen also offers a beautiful location for activities various fun company outings.

At Flitz-Events we organize company outings in Groningen that are guaranteed fun for all participants. Whether you are looking for team building activities, adventurous challenges or creative workshops, we have a wide range of options to suit your needs.

Our company outings in Groningen are designed to strengthen team spirit, promote collaboration and, above all, have fun. From exciting outdoor activities to captivating cultural experiences, we provide an unforgettable day full of laughter, challenges and new memories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of activities does Flitz-Events offer for company outings in Groningen?
    Flitz-Events offers a wide range of activities for company outings in Groningen. Some examples are city games, sports activities such as Expedition Robinson or hexathlon, outdoor adventures such as canoeing and archery, and creative workshops such as cooking workshops and painting workshops. They have several options to meet your team's wants and needs.
  • What makes Groningen an attractive location for company outings?
    Groningen has several attractive features that make it ideal for company outings. It offers a beautiful environment with historic buildings, vibrant culture and a friendly atmosphere. The city has a rich history and various cultural attractions, such as the Martini Tower and the Groninger Museum. Moreover, Groningen is known for its hospitality and offers a wide range of activities and culinary experiences.
  • Does Flitz-Events also offer packages with a combination of activities and a lunch or dinner?
    Yes, Flitz-Events offers packages where activities are combined with lunch or dinner. They provide a fully catered company outing in Groningen, including a delicious dinner to end the day in style. Whether you have had an active day or just followed a relaxed program, a meal together offers a pleasant and connecting end to the day. Flitz-Events arranges everything down to the last detail, including food and drinks, to ensure that you have a successful and memorable experience.

Original company outings in Groningen

Groningen offers a range of possibilities for original company outings that will surprise and inspire your team. Whether you're looking for team building activities, creative workshops or adventurous experiences, Groningen has something for everyone.

Here are some ideas for original company outings in Groningen:

-City Game: Organize an exciting company outing an interactive city game where teams compete against each other to perform various fun assignments and challenges in the city. This can be a scavenger hunt, an escape room-like experience or a custom game that matches the goals of your company outing.

-Sports activities: If there is enough space, we can of course also offer many sporting activities. Think, for example, of Expedition Robinson or the popular hexathlon.

-Outdoor Adventure: Enjoy the beautiful nature around Groningen during an outdoor adventure with your team. Think of activities such as canoeing, archery, climbing or a challenging team building activity in the forest. This provides a healthy dose of adrenaline and strengthens team spirit.

Discover the charm of Groningen

Groningen, a beautiful city in the north of the Netherlands, has a unique charm that you absolutely must discover. With its historic buildings, vibrant culture and friendly atmosphere, Groningen has a lot to offer visitors. Here are two reasons why you should discover the charm of Groningen:

-Historical Beauty: Groningen is a city with a rich history, which is reflected in the beautiful historic buildings. The famous Martinitoren, the Grote Markt with its imposing buildings and the atmospheric courtyards are just a few examples of the historical beauty that you can find in Groningen.

-Vivid culture: Groningen is known for its vibrant culture. The city has a vibrant arts and music scene, with numerous galleries, theatres, music venues and festivals. Visit the Groninger Museum to enjoy art and exhibitions, or discover the local music scene in one of the many cozy cafes.

Expedition Robinson company outing Groningen

How about Expedition Robinson, for example? our most popular company outings in Scheveningen. This is an incredibly fun and sporty activity that we normally carry out along the coast, but can of course move to Groningen in consultation. All we need is a large field on which we have the space to get started.

Tailor-made company outing in Groningen

What are popular activities for a team outing in Groningen?

There are several popular activities you can choose from for a team outing in Groningen. Here are some suggestions:

-City scavenger hunt: Explore the beautiful city of Groningen while following a challenging treasure hunt with your team. Solve riddles, answer questions and work together to reach the finish line.

-Escaperoom: Dive into the thrills and challenges of an escape room. Work together with your team to solve puzzles, find clues and escape in time.

-Outdoor team building activities: Enjoy outdoor adventure activities such as an obstacle course, archery, climbing or a survival course. These activities strengthen team spirit and provide enjoyable challenges.

-Workshop or course: Follow an inspiring workshop or course where you can learn new skills or discover your creativity. Think of a cooking workshop, painting workshop, cocktail workshop or even an improvisation theater workshop.

-Canal tour: Discover Groningen from the water during a relaxing canal cruise. Enjoy the view, learn more about the city and relax with your colleagues.

Book your team outing in the province of Groningen at Flitz-Events

Flitz-Events is an excellent choice for booking your team outing in the province of Groningen. We offer a wide range of activities and events suitable for different groups and goals. Whether you are looking for an adventurous team outing, a creative workshop or a sporting challenge, Flitz-Events has something for everyone.

With Flitz-Events you can book a tailor-made team outing that is fully tailored to the needs and preferences of your team. We have experienced event organizers who can help you plan and organize an unforgettable day of fun and team building.

A fully catered company outing in Groningen including a delicious dinner

Looking for an original company outing in Groningen including a delicious dinner? At Flitz-Events you are at the right place! We offer an extensive package where your team has a great day full of adventure and fun, followed by a tasty dinner to end the day in style.

Our experienced event organizers ensure that the company outing is perfectly tailored to the wishes and needs of your team. You can choose from a range of exciting activities, such as a city game, a beach volleyball tournament or a puzzle tour through the city. After a day full of fun team building activities and challenges, it's time to relax and enjoy a delicious dinner.

Why an unforgettable company outing starts in Groningen

An unforgettable company outing in Groningen starts for various reasons. Below is a step-by-step list of the main reasons:

Beautiful environment: Groningen offers a beautiful environment with its picturesque landscapes, historic buildings and bustling city center. It is the perfect setting to make a special company outing unforgettable.

Diversity of activities: Groningen offers a wide range of activities suitable for team building and fun. Whether you opt for an adventurous outdoor activity, a cultural city walk or a relaxing boat trip through the canals, there is something for everyone.

Team reinforcement: A fun company outing in Groningen offers the ideal opportunity to strengthen team ties. By undertaking challenging activities together, team members are encouraged to work closely together, communicate and solve problems. This contributes to better team dynamics and cooperation in the workplace.

Relaxation and fun: In addition to team building, it is also important to relax and have fun during a fun company outing outside. Groningen has a lively nightlife with cozy restaurants, cafes and clubs where you can enjoy a snack, drink and entertainment. It's the perfect opportunity to relax together and enjoy each other's company.

Cultural and culinary experiences: Groningen has a rich culture and offers numerous cultural attractions, such as museums, historic buildings and art galleries. In addition, the city is known for its diverse and tasty culinary scene, with a wide variety of different restaurants and eateries where you can enjoy local and international dishes.

Hospitality: Groningen is known for its hospitality and friendly people. Whether you are looking for accommodation, help planning activities or local tips, the people of Groningen are ready to give you a warm welcome and help.

Combine multiple activities

Combining multiple activities during an event or fun outing offers a unique and versatile experience. By combining different activities, you create a varied program that meets various interests and preferences. It's a great way to engage, enthuse and give participants an unforgettable day.

Combining activities can offer a range of benefits. Firstly, it provides variety and dynamism, so that the participants are constantly fascinated. They get the chance to experience different activities and learn new skills. This stimulates creativity, development and growth.

In addition, combining activities offers the opportunity to explore different aspects of teamwork and collaboration. Team members are challenged to collaborate, communicate and solve problems in different contexts. This strengthens the mutual bond and promotes a positive group dynamic.

The best company outings in Groningen and the surrounding area

At Flitz-Events we offer the best company outings in Groningen and the surrounding area. With our enthusiastic team and our wide range of activities, we ensure that your company outing is a guaranteed success. Whether you are looking for an active team building activity, an exciting city scavenger hunt or a relaxing boat trip through the canals, you will always find a suitable option at Flitz-Events. We have known the Groningen region for a while now and know exactly how to organize a successful day.

At Flitz-Events we are known for our professional approach and eye for detail. We arrange everything down to the last detail, from the activities to the food and drinks. With our experienced guides and modern equipment you are assured of a safe and pleasant experience.

Choose Flitz-Events and experience for yourself why we are known as the specialist in company outings in Groningen and the surrounding area. Let us let your team enjoy a day full of adventure, team building and fun.

Team outing Groningen in combination with lunch or dinner

A team outing in Groningen is only really complete when it is combined with a delicious lunch or dinner. Whether you have had an active day full of adventurous outdoor activities or have followed a more relaxed program, a shared meal ensures a pleasant and connecting end to the day.

Gathering around the table offers the opportunity to exchange experiences, share stories and strengthen mutual bonds. It is a moment to enjoy culinary delights together and to relax after a day full of effort. Whether you opt for an informal lunch or an extensive dinner, there are plenty of options to spoil the taste buds.

From a relaxed to an exciting company outing, choose Flitz-Events

If you are looking for a unique and well-organized staff outing or team outing in Groningen, then Flitz-Events is the ideal choice. With our experience and expertise in the field of events and team building, we ensure that you experience an unforgettable day.

Flitz-Events offers a wide range of activities and packages that can be perfectly combined with lunch or dinner. Whether you are looking for a sporting challenge, a creative workshop or a fun city tour, Flitz-Events has something for every team.

Hospitality and quality are of paramount importance at Flitz-Events. We are happy to think along with you and can put together a fully customized team outing, including a delicious lunch or dinner at an attractive location in Groningen. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.