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Company outings Gelderland

Are you looking for unique activities for your company outings in Gelderland? Then you've come to the right place at Flitz-Events! We offer a range of unforgettable experiences and exciting activities that are perfect for enjoying a special day in this beautiful province with your colleagues. Whether you like adventurous outdoor activities, cultural explorations or creative workshops, we have something for every team. Discover the versatility of Gelderland or area Amersfoort with Flitz-Events and make your company outing an unforgettable success!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of activities are offered for company outings in Gelderland?
    At Flitz-Events we offer a wide range of activities for company outings throughout Gelderland, ranging from outdoor adventures to cultural experiences and culinary workshops. Our offer includes team building activities, city walks, sporting challenges and more.
  • Can you put together tailor-made programs for your company outing in Gelderland?
    Certainly! We understand that every company has unique needs. That's why we like to work together to create tailor-made programs that perfectly fit your team's goals and preferences. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.
  • What are the advantages of choosing a company outing in Gelderland with Flitz-Events?
    At Flitz-Events you are assured of professional guidance, unique activities and a smoothly organized company outing in Gelderland. Our experienced team members ensure that you combine team building, fun and relaxation at the perfect location in this beautiful province.
  • Can you help choose the right activity for our company outing in Gelderland?
    Absolute! We understand that choosing the right activity is an important step for a successful company outing. Our team is ready to think along with you and make recommendations based on the size of your group, the goals of the outing and your team's preferences. Feel free to contact us for tailor-made advice.

Discover Gelderland

Gelderland, located in the heart of the Netherlands, has something to offer for everyone, whether you like extensive nature, cultural highlights or adventurous activities.

The breathtaking landscapes of Gelderland are a real treat for nature lovers. From vast forests to rolling moors and scenic rivers, the county has an abundance of beautiful places to explore. National Parks such as De Hoge Veluwe and Veluwezoom are home to diverse flora and fauna and are perfect for walking and cycling trips.

But Gelderland has more to offer than just natural beauty. Historic cities such as Arnhem, Nijmegen, and Zutphen reflect age-old stories in their streets, monuments and architecture. Admire medieval castles such as Kasteel Doorwerth, visit it Open-air museum in Arnhem to travel back in time, or discover the old city walls of Nijmegen.

The benefits of company outings

Company outings offer numerous benefits for both employees and the company itself. Here are some key benefits:

Team Building and Collaboration: Company outings promote team spirit and strengthen the bond between colleagues. Participating together in activities and challenges outside the work environment promotes collaboration and communication, which in turn improves efficiency and performance in the workplace.

Positive Company Culture: Organizing company outings contributes to the creation of a positive and healthy corporate culture. Employees feel valued and supported by the company, which leads to greater satisfaction, motivation and involvement.

Stress Reduction: Company outings offer employees the chance to relax and get away from the daily work stress. This can help reduce burnout and stress-related problems.

Personal development: By participating in various activities during company outings, employees can develop new skills, push their limits and step out of their comfort zone. This contributes to personal growth and self-confidence.

The benefits of company outings for the employer

Company outings provide employers with valuable insights into team dynamics, leadership qualities and individual employee strengths. These activities allow natural leaders to emerge and teams to collaborate effectively on challenges, helping to identify potential for future leadership roles. In addition, the outings provide an opportunity to observe individual communication and collaboration skills, contributing to fostering a positive work environment and identifying hidden talents.

Top 3 best outings for companies in Gelderland

In Gelderland you will find a wide range of attractions, sights, museums and more. We also offer many sporting, relaxing and culinary activities. We are happy to share our top 3 with you!

Expedition Robinson

Experience the excitement and sensation of Expedition Robinson during this adventurous company outing. Work together with your team to complete challenging quests and overcome obstacles. This team building activity not only tests your physical strength, but also your cooperation and communication skills.

City game in historic cities

Explore the beautiful historic cities of Gelderland in a unique and interactive way with our city games. Solve riddles, complete challenging quests and discover the city's hidden treasures. An ideal way to combine team building with culture and fun.


A six-camp event is a popular and exciting team building activity that is perfect for company outings in Gelderland. It offers teams the opportunity to join forces, devise strategies and work together on a series of challenging and fun assignments. With a mix of physical, mental and skill games, a six-camp event is a versatile activity that tests team dynamics and mutual cooperation.

Combine your company outings in Gelderland with an additional catering package

After a day full of activities, it is wonderful to enjoy lunch or dinner with your group or colleagues in one of the many cozy restaurants in Gelderland. We are happy to assist in reserving a table, so that you can enjoy a delicious meal without any worries. The special company outing will be concluded in a pleasant way with a package, lunch or dinner on a terrace of your choice! All restaurants are ideal for an extensive lunch and/or a tasty dinner, followed by a great party in combination with a sporty or creative company outing in Gelderland. In the Gelderland province there is a wide range of options from which you can choose.

At Flitz-Events we attach great importance to personal attention and customer satisfaction. We do everything we can to make your company outing in Gelderland a success. Contact Flitz-Events today and let us know what your wishes and ideas are for company outings in Gelderland or the surrounding area. Choose the best company outings in Rotterdam, Amsterdam or Utrecht. We would be happy to put together a tailor-made offer for you without obligation.

Staff outing in Gelderland? Choose Flitz Events!

At Flitz-Events you are assured of a fun outing where professional guidance, challenging assignments, an exciting game, a delicious lunch and, above all, fun come together. Our experienced guides ensure flawless organization and guide your team through a series of challenging activities. Whether it's an intriguing city scavenger hunt, a sporty session on the beach or a creative workshop, our program fits seamlessly with your wishes and goals.

Team building is central during the company outing. Working together on assignments and challenges strengthens the mutual bond and provides insight into each other's capabilities. Moreover, the coziness and relaxed atmosphere contribute to a day full of unforgettable fun, which you can fully enjoy as a team.