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Company outing Friesland

Organizing a company outing in Friesland?

Looking for a unique and unforgettable company outing in the beautiful province of Friesland? You've come to the right place! We understand that a successful company outing is all about fun, team building and special experiences. With a wide range of original activities and possibilities, we ensure that you and your colleagues experience a day full of fun, adventure and new memories.

Whether it concerns exciting water activities, cultural discoveries or culinary delights, we are ready to make your company outing in Friesland a great success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which activities are suitable for both large and small groups?
    Our activities are flexible and can be adapted to different group sizes. Whether you have a small team or want to entertain a large department, we have a variety of activities suitable for both small intimate groups and larger groups.
  • How can I combine the activities with lunch or dinner?
    It is possible to combine your company outing with a delicious lunch, dinner or drink. We offer various catering arrangements that perfectly match your activities. Whether it's a tasty three-course menu, a cozy barbecue or a relaxing high tea, we'll make sure your day is complete with culinary indulgence.
  • Are the activities suitable for all ages and abilities?
    Our activities are designed to suit a variety of ages and abilities. We adjust the intensity and complexity of the activities based on the group composition. Whether you have a young and energetic team or a mixed group with different skill levels, we make sure everyone has a great time and can participate in the activities.

Playful assignments during an original company outing?

Company outings in Friesland guarantee fun, challenge, relaxation and atmosphere. And what could be more fun than adding fun assignments to your company outing to strengthen team spirit and provide a good dose of laughter?

With us you can count on a range of creative and surprising assignments that ensure an unforgettable experience. From comic team challenges to puzzling puzzles and hilarious games, our fun assignments are guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone's face. Discover how these fun elements can make your company outing in Friesland even more special!

From active company outings to a relaxed activity

With us you will find a wide range of options to make your company outing an unforgettable experience, ranging from energetic and active activities to relaxing and fun activities. Whether you are looking for a day full of adventure and team building, or just want to enjoy a relaxed and informal atmosphere, we have something for everyone.

  1. Active Challenges: For the adventurous spirits among you, we offer various active company outings that combine team building and competition. Participate in activities such as Expedition Robinson, Highland Games or an outdoor escape room. You work together with your colleagues to overcome challenges, push boundaries and take your teamwork to the next level.
  2. Creative Workshops: If you're looking for a more relaxed and creative experience, our workshops are an excellent choice. Think of painting, cooking, shaking a cocktail or a city walk with a GPS tour. These activities provide an informal setting in which you can enjoy new skills and socializing together.
  3. Relaxation and Enjoyment: Sometimes it's important to just relax and enjoy each other's company. Choose a walking dinner, a cozy drinks boat trip or a tasty high tea. These activities are perfect for catching up and enjoying in an informal and relaxed atmosphere good food and drinks.

Whatever your preference, our goal is to give you an unforgettable day where fun, team building and new memories are central. Whether you like adrenaline pumping challenges or prefer quiet moments of fun, we have the ideal activity for your company outing. Contact us and we will be happy to help you put together a program that perfectly matches your wishes and goals.

Discover the province of Friesland

For those who do not often come to Friesland, there is a lot to experience. From the Frisian lakes to cozy Leeuwarden, there is always something to do both in the afternoon and in the evening! Friesland is known for its rich culture, historic cities and breathtaking nature. Whether you are looking for adventurous water activities, cultural trips or simply want to enjoy the serene beauty of the countryside, Friesland has something for everyone.

A company outing in Friesland is therefore a must do as far as we are concerned! The beautiful route to the Frisian province alone is worth it in our opinion. In addition, the team building outings in the province are great fun and are packed with fun and relaxation for you and your colleagues.

The benefits of company outings for employee and employer

– Team Building and Collaboration: Company outings promote team building and collaboration. By participating together in activities outside the work environment, colleagues get to know each other in a different way and work together towards common goals.

– Connection and Camaraderie: The informal atmosphere of a company outing creates a sense of belonging and camaraderie. This contributes to positive relations between colleagues and strengthens the mutual bond.

– Stress Relief and Relaxation: A company outing offers employees the chance to escape from the daily workload and stress. It provides relaxation, fun and a well-deserved break.

– Appreciation and Recognition: A well-organized company outing shows appreciation and recognition for the efforts of employees. It shows that management cares about the well-being and satisfaction of the staff.

Would you like to combine the staff outing in Friesland with catering arrangements?

Make your staff outing in Friesland a complete and unforgettable experience by combining it with delicious catering arrangements. With us you can enjoy the best culinary options that perfectly match your day full of activities and fun.

Whether it concerns a tasty lunch, an extensive dinner or a pleasant drink, our catering arrangements add an extra dimension to your staff outing.

Organizing a company outing in Friesland? Choose Flitz Events!

Would you like to organize a festive day full of fun activities with your colleagues in the always pleasant Friesland? No problem. At Flitz-Events we organize daily staff outings and we ensure an unforgettable day outside the workplace.

From virtual reality to a relaxing outdoor activity, we've got it covered. Contact us without obligation, or request a quote without obligation to gain insight into the costs for a company outing. Book a nice company outing now Nijmegen, Haarlem and Groningen.