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Company outing Den Bosch

Are you looking for an original company outing in Den Bosch? Then you've come to the right place at Flitz-Events. With a wide range of activities, we can provide a great afternoon full of unforgettable experiences for you and your colleagues. Whether you are looking for adventurous team building, creative workshops, sporting challenges or culinary pleasures, we have the perfect activities to make your company outing in Den Bosch a special and memorable event to make.

Our enthusiastic team is ready to put together a tailor-made program with you, completely tailored to your wishes and goals. Discover the charm of Den Bosch and experience an unforgettable day full of team building, fun and togetherness with Flitz-Events!

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Want to organize an original company outing in Den Bosch?

Looking for an original company outing in atmospheric Den Bosch? At Flitz-Events we are ready to organize a unique and unforgettable experience for you and your colleagues. With our diverse range of original activities and packages, we ensure that your company outing in Den Bosch is a great success. Whether it's team building, fun or adventure, we have the perfect combination for an unforgettable day.

Let us know your wishes and we will create a customized company outing that fully matches your goals and expectations. Discover the charm of Den Bosch and experience a day full of fun, team building and special moments with your colleagues! Flitz-Events has a wide range of original company outings

Top 3 fun company outings in Den Bosch

highland games

An incredibly fun team building activity that takes your company outing to a higher level! Let your team take part in these traditional Scottish games, which focus on strength, agility and cooperation. From tug of war and log throwing to hammer throwing and sack races, this challenging and hilarious activity provides a healthy dose of competition and fun. The Highland Games are not only a great way to foster team spirit, but also to create smiling faces and unforgettable moments.

The sporty and at the same time exciting company outing can be concluded with a fun award ceremony, provided that

Painting workshop

One of the creative workshops: company outing painting! Show your artistic side as you work with your colleagues with paint and canvas. Under the guidance of experienced artists, you will have the opportunity to create your own masterpiece and have fun at the same time. This workshop not only promotes creativity, but also team building and collaboration. A unique way to create a lasting memory and strengthen the bonds within the team.

Expedition Robinson

Expedition Robinson is one of the active outings we offer. It is a popular activity and should of course not be missed during your perfect company outing. During this adventurous experience you will be challenged to collaborate, push boundaries and think strategically, just like the participants of the television program of the same name. In teams you compete against each other in challenging trials that revolve around skill, cooperation and perseverance.

iPad tour as a company outing in Den Bosch company outing Den Bosch City game

Discover a unique company outing in Den Bosch with Flitz-Events! Take up the challenge with our exciting tablet games, available from €20 pp excl. VAT. Perfect for team building and adventure in the historic city. Book now and experience an unforgettable day full of fun and competition.

The benefits of team building activities

The original company outing in Den Bosch has numerous advantages in terms of team building. These are:

– Collaboration and Communication: During team building activities, employees are challenged to collaborate and communicate effectively. This promotes cohesion within the team and improves mutual relationships.

– Trust and Connection: Achieving shared goals and tackling challenges strengthens trust between colleagues. This leads to a stronger bond and a sense of belonging.

– Creativity and Problem Solving: Many team building activities require creative thinking and finding innovative solutions. This stimulates the creative potential of employees and promotes their ability to solve problems together.

– Leadership and Roles: During team building, natural leaders can emerge and team members can take on different roles. This helps identify and develop leadership potential within the team.

Combine activities during an unforgettable staff outing in Den Bosch

At Flitz-Events it is possible to combine various activities during the special company outing. Together we ensure that you have a great day in cozy Den Bosch. 

Thanks to a tight schedule, we can ensure that you can experience a day full of activities. For example, you can start with a pleasant cruise along the old harbor, after which you have lunch together and then get active with one of our other activities. Flitz-Events stands for complete unburdening during your adventurous company outing in Den Bosch. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. Together we will make it a great day in bustling Den Bosch!

Combine a team outing in Den Bosch with a catering package

End the company outing in Den Bosch with a pleasant drink, lunch or dinner. From a three-course dinner to a BBQ and from a walking dinner to a high tea. At Flitz-Events we offer various culinary options to end your day in Den Bosch in a tasty way. Our collaboration with local restaurants and caterers ensures that you can enjoy delicious dishes and drinks that match the atmosphere of your company outing.

Whether you want to chat while enjoying a drink, enjoy an extensive lunch together or just want to go culinary with a dinner, we ensure that the catering arrangement seamlessly matches your wishes and the theme of the day. Make your company outing in Den Bosch a complete and unforgettable experience by combining the activities with a delicious culinary delight!

Of course, a unique company outing in Den Bosch also includes a pleasant conclusion!

What are the prices for a company outing in Den Bosch?

That differs per activity and how crazy you want to make it! Do you opt for a day full of unique activities? Or do you just visit the always beautiful cathedral Van den Bosch? There is something unique to experience in this special city for every budget. We therefore recommend that you do proper research into your budget per person, and look at the possibilities based on that. 

Of course you can always contact us to discuss the rates. We are happy to help you put together a unique company outing in bustling Den Bosch!

Choose Flitz Events

Find the cozy atmosphere in the bustling city of Den Bosch! A nice company outing in Den Bosch, Zwolle en Tilburg becomes really fun with the right activities. At Flitz-Events we are ready to give you and your colleagues an unforgettable day, filled with laughter, team building and new memories. Together we create an experience that will be discussed at the coffee machine for a long time to come. Contact us today and discover how we can make your company outing in Den Bosch a great success!

Whether you opt for the sporty Expedition Robinson, a relaxing city walk or an exciting virtual reality company outing, we are there for you!