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Company outing South Holland

As a company it is nice to be able to occasionally reward your employees for their hard work. A perfect way to show your appreciation is to organize a company outing for them. Flitz Events understands that a company outing is the ideal way to think about something other than work with colleagues. That is why the company has been organizing company outings in South Holland for ten years. You have a wide choice of outings, so there is always something most suitable. You can go for relaxation, but it is also possible to take up the challenge more or opt for a company outing in which colleagues have to work well together. You have a wide choice of company outings in Zandvoort, The Hague, Hoek van Holland, Scheveningen and Kijkduin. It is also possible in consultation to organize the outing, for example, in the company building. The choice of company outings and possibilities at Flitz Events is enormous.

Top 3 company outings South Holland

Top 3 Winter Company Outings South Holland

Tailor-made company outing

So you can do different types of company outings in several places in South Holland. Whether you are looking for relaxation, team building or challenge. The outings are organized at places in Hoek van Holland, Zandvoort, The Hague, Scheveningen and Kijkduin, but it is also possible in consultation to organize it elsewhere. This way you get a tailor-made company outing that completely suits your company and your staff.

Company outings for relaxation

If relaxation is the magic word for your staff, there are plenty of options to choose from. For example, you can opt for a sand sculpture workshop in Scheveningen. On the beach, everyone can let their creativity run free and relax. There is also the possibility to dine after the workshop to get to the ultimate state of relaxation. Other ways in Scheveningen to do that include pimping a workshop, building kites or making bracelets. But it is also possible to do activities in Hoek van Holland, Kijkduin, Zandvoort and The Hague, where relaxation is central.

Company outings with challenge

It is also possible that you want a little more challenge during the company outing. For example, in Scheveningen, Kijkduin and Hoek van Holland you can perform a hexathlon on the beach. Everyone does 8 parts in teams of 6 people. It is possible to assemble the parts yourself, where you can choose from catapult shooting, beach tennis and ultimate frisbee and 13 other activities. The team that works best together will take the Master cup Cup home. Another company outing full of challenges is the power kiting workshop. This workshop is also possible in the three places mentioned above.

Company outings for team building

Team building is also a well-known element during company outings. This way you ensure that you combine fun and education. For example, during the sand sculpture building workshop in Kijkduin. During this activity, communication, planning and creativity within the group come to the fore. First of all, rough work has to be done in the beginning, such as fetching water and stamping the sand. After that, an action plan is needed that matches the theme. This creates multiple roles in the team and everyone learns whether he or she is a thinker, doer, decision maker or dreamer. Or make one painting together with colleagues, which requires good cooperation. There are many more possibilities to incorporate team building in the company outing. This is possible in several places in South Holland.

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