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Company outing with overnight stay

looking for a company outing that has that little bit extra? An overnight company outing offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable experience with your colleagues. At Flitz-Events we have a varied range of company outings including overnight stays, giving you even more time to enjoy team building, adventure and relaxation.


What does an overnight company outing entail?

More and more companies choose to organize a whole weekend full of activities. A company outing with an overnight stay usually comprises two days and one night at a special location. During this weekend, various activities and team building programs are offered to strengthen team spirit and create an unforgettable experience for all participants.

Various activities can be planned during the company outing, such as sporting challenges, creative workshops, adventurous excursions and relaxing moments. The accommodation can vary from luxury hotels to atmospheric lodges in nature, depending on the availability and preferences of the company and the desired theme of the team outing.

The advantages of an overnight company outing

An overnight company outing offers countless benefits for both team building and the overall experience of the team. Here are some reasons why an overnight company trip is a great choice:

Reinforced team bond

By spending the night together in an accommodation, colleagues get more time to get to know each other better and have informal conversations. This strengthens the mutual bond and promotes a positive working atmosphere.

Extended activities

With an overnight stay you have more time to undertake activities and enjoy the surroundings. This gives the team the chance to experience different team building activities and relax more.

Deeper connections

A company outing with an overnight stay ensures that colleagues spend time together, both during activities and in their free time. This creates deeper and long-lasting connections between team members.

More relaxation

After a day of activities, team members can relax and enjoy the facilities of the property. This helps reduce stress and provides a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

The Power of Team Building: Strengthening the Mutual Bond

Team building is a versatile concept with a common goal. It can strengthen the mutual bond in a company by giving employees the opportunity to get to know and understand each other better. Working together towards shared goals enables employees to appreciate each other's qualities and skills and to build trust. This can result in greater engagement and motivation, making employees feel more connected to their colleagues and the company as a whole.

Team building activities can also help bridge communication barriers and promote effective collaboration. Breaking out of the daily routine and working in a new environment during outings can help employees feel more relaxed and open to new ideas and perspectives. This can help solve problems faster and stimulate innovation.

Finally, team building can also contribute to a positive company culture. By investing time and energy in team-building activities, a company demonstrates its commitment to the well-being and growth of its employees. This can lead to greater employee loyalty and engagement with the company, which in turn can result in higher productivity and lower employee turnover.

“From a walking dinner to an outdoor escape room and from a high tea in our capital. At Flitz-Events you have come to the right place for the best company outings, which everyone will be talking about for years to come. We listen to special wishes and, thanks to our experience in various cities, can offer a range of activities.”

Why a company outing is extremely suitable for team building

We know from experience that a company outing has enormous benefits for the mutual bond in the workplace. Colleagues get to know each other in a completely different way and at that moment have no stress or pressure from work. By undertaking challenging activities and having fun together, a relaxed atmosphere is created in which everyone feels freer to communicate and work together.

It breaks down formal barriers and encourages openness and trust within the team. Moreover, a company outing offers the opportunity to discover and utilize each other's strengths, which positively influences cooperation in the workplace. In short, a company outing is an excellent way to strengthen team building and form a close-knit and efficient team.

Example of a company outing weekend

Day part 1:

– Power kiting

– Complementary lunch at a chosen location

Day part 2:

- Expedition Robinson

– SUP workshop

A fun company outing is also fun for the employer

Company outings are also ideal for employers. This way you can see the natural division of roles during active assignments. Who will be the first to make a decisive choice, who will take overall control, and who will not succumb to time pressure? All kinds of interesting findings to discover during the company outing including overnight stay.

What are fun activities during a corporate event?

At Flitz-Events you will find an extensive range of various activities. Whether you're looking for cultural outings in the city, or if you'd rather take it a bit more sporty along the coast, we're here for you. We ensure that the weekend is composed entirely according to your wishes.

For example, how about a cruise through The Hague? Or an afternoon of Expedition Robinson on the beach of Scheveningen. There are so many options for team building activities in and around the cities.

Staying overnight adds an extra dynamism. Colleagues become friends and get closer through the beautiful weekend they experience together. Conducive to the overall bond, creativity and productivity in the workplace.

From adventurous experiences to cultural discoveries

An outing including an overnight stay guarantees an unforgettable day. Flitz-Events offers an abundance of possibilities. You can opt for an active adventure along the coast of Scheveningen or at another location. The beach offers countless fun activities, such as beach volleyball, surfing or power kiting. But there is also more than enough to experience in the cities. Consider, for example, a cultural city walk through the historic center of The Hague or Rotterdam, where you can enjoy beautiful architecture and impressive museums.

Discover the various company outing packages and activities

We regularly provide multiple activities during an unforgettable day. Companies often choose to combine the activities with a package. You can end the day with a tasty dinner at a nice restaurant, a pleasant drink or a composed lunch. We take into account everyone's dietary requirements.

At the same time it is also possible to have a whole weekend taken care of. This means that we plan two days full of activities and arrangements, and that we ensure that an overnight stay is provided in the evening. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the various options. Together we provide an unforgettable outing with colleagues.

“A company outing including an overnight stay is one big party for all colleagues!”

A fun weekend is guaranteed with a company outing at Flitz-Events

From creative workshops to a visit to different restaurants. The possibilities vary widely at Flitz-Events. We are ready to organize a unique staff outing at any desired location. Even when the weather is bad, we always come up with a solution that is extremely suitable as an alternative. Together we discuss the possibilities and we ensure that the unique experience is discussed with colleagues for a long time to come

Organizing an overnight trip? Choose Flitz Events

Would you like to organize a unique company outing including an overnight stay? At Flitz-Events we like to think along with you to put together a complete package. We are an experienced event agency, located along the beach of Scheveningen, and can take care of your weekend completely. Thanks to our networks in the area, we can offer you various accommodation options. Choose between our top 10 unique company outings and contact us.

Organizing a 2-day company outing? Then take it completely without obligation contact with us. we provide the best company outings for both small and large groups. Together with the entire team of staff, you will enjoy a well-deserved reward after a year of hard work.


Does Flitz-Events itself have accommodation options?

No, we do not have a hotel or other location to offer an overnight stay. We do have a wide range of networks to ensure that our company outings can be combined with an overnight stay.

Is a company outing with an overnight stay suitable for any type of team?

Yes, a company outing with an overnight stay is suitable for different types of teams, regardless of size or industry. Whether it concerns a small team of colleagues or a larger department, a company outing with an overnight stay offers a valuable opportunity for team building and strengthening team spirit.

What activities can we expect during a company outing with an overnight stay?

During a company outing with overnight stay, various activities can be organized, such as team building games, workshops, sporting challenges, adventurous excursions and relaxing activities. The program can be tailored to the wishes and needs of the team.

What are the possible locations for a company outing with an overnight stay?

There are plenty of options for a company outing with an overnight stay, such as hotels, holiday homes, lodges in nature, beach pavilions or historic estates. The choice of location depends on the preferences of the team and the desired theme of the outing.

Are there specific team building programs available during the company outing?

Yes, there are various team building programs available for an overnight company outing. These programs are aimed at strengthening team spirit, promoting cooperation and developing leadership skills. Examples are escape rooms, survival challenges and outdoor team building activities.

What are the advantages of a company outing compared to a day trip?

A company outing offers more time and opportunity to be more intensively involved with each other, both during the activities and during the free moments. This promotes a deeper bond between colleagues and creates a more relaxed and informal atmosphere. Moreover, a company outing makes it possible to undertake more activities and enjoy an inspiring environment. It contributes to an unforgettable experience for the whole team.

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