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Company outing Amsterdam

Are you looking for a nice company outing in Amsterdam that is sporty, challenging, educational or culinary? Look no further, because Flitz-Events has you covered! We offer a extensive range of activities and packages to make your company outing in Amsterdam an unforgettable success. In collaboration with various locations, we are able to put together a tailor-made program for your team. From our base Scheveningen we can offer a variety of unique activities at all locations in South Holland and the Netherlands. For example, be enchanted by a day full of exciting beach activities, followed by a delicious barbecue.

With us, everything is possible. We are ready to provide a fully catered company outing for you, creating the perfect mix between fun and serious challenges. Organizing company outings? Then choose Flitz Events!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you combine multiple activities in Amsterdam?
    Absolute! At Flitz-Events you can choose to combine different activities during your company outing in Amsterdam. Consider, for example, a sporty team building activity followed by a pleasant drink at an attractive location in the heart of Amsterdam. We are ready to discuss the possibilities with you and to create a unique experience.
  • What are the costs for a team outing in Amsterdam?
    The costs for a team outing in Amsterdam can vary depending on various factors, such as the chosen activities, the number of participants, the duration of the outing and any extras such as catering and transport. Because every company outing is tailor-made, we cannot mention a specific price without more information. Fortunately, we are always ready to provide you with detailed information and a personalized quote.
  • What are the most popular outings in Amsterdam?
    In Amsterdam there are countless popular outings that you can choose from. Consider, for example, an exciting city game through the historic city center, a boat trip through the canals followed by a culinary journey of discovery or a workshop where you can discover your creative talents. Moreover, Amsterdam offers a vibrant nightlife and various cultural attractions that you can explore. At Flitz-Events we are happy to help you find the perfect outing in Amsterdam that suits the interests and needs of your team.

A special company outing is guaranteed at Flitz-Events!

A special company outing is guaranteed at Flitz-Events! We specialize in organizing unique and memorable company outings in Amsterdam. With our professional guidance, original activities and an eye for detail, we ensure that your company outing becomes an unforgettable experience. Whether it's team building, relaxation, adventure or a combination thereof, we have the expertise and creativity to meet all your needs. Choose Flitz-Events and enjoy a special and successful company outing in Amsterdam!

Customization is also possible for company outings in Amsterdam!

Nowadays, the concept of “standard” in Amsterdam hardly applies anymore. We understand this all too well and are happy to think along with you. Our solutions are always practical and affordable. Maybe you already have an idea of ​​your own, but don't know how to bring it to life.

Or maybe you want to combine different activities that we offer. Let us know and together we will always find a solution. Of course we can conclude the company outing with a delicious barbecue or drink in one of the nicest places in the city.

Almost everything is possible and little is impossible. Choose a unique company outing, choose a successful company outing in Amsterdam!

“At Flitz-Events you have come to the right place for a range of activities for every group. Whether you choose Expedition Robinson, or are looking for another type of challenge in the form of escape rooms, we are ready for you.”

Rich offer of fun company outings

Whether you are looking for an adventurous company outing, or prefer a sportier approach with an active company outing, we offer you a variety of options to guarantee a unique day in the Amsterdam capital.

Are you not waiting for a sporty company outing? Or are there employees who do not warm up to an exciting company outing? No problem, you can also opt for the culinary or cultural tour! How about a unique walking dinner through the city, for example? Or follow an impressive cooking workshop and then get together during a tasty dinner.

We can always help you find a suitable outing. We are therefore happy to give you original ideas that you can consider. With or without arrangement. A nice company outing in Amsterdam? You are guaranteed to find them at Flitz-Events!

Offer company outings

Nice outings with the company must of course become unforgettable moments, where employees get to know each other in a different way. Good for team building, joint ties and above all: the working atmosphere on the floor. It is our goal to make the staff outing so much fun that it will be talked about for a long time at the coffee machine.

With a wide range of active outings, sporting activities and various assignments in and around the city, there is always something for you. Ask for additional information for both small and large groups without obligation. Our employees are happy to tell you more about our unique company outings in Amsterdam.

Team building activities along the Amsterdam canals

Amsterdam is one of the most popular cities when it comes to company outings. Logical too, the city has a lot of possibilities and is a breathtaking location to get together with your colleagues. How about team building activities along the Amsterdam canals? A unique experience where you can not only enjoy the beautiful view of the canal houses and bridges, but also work on team spirit and cooperation within the team.

Flitz-Events offers a wide range of team building activities that are specially designed to strengthen the bond between colleagues. Think of exciting and challenging assignments on the water, where cooperation and communication are essential. Or choose an interactive treasure hunt through the historic streets of Amsterdam, where you not only discover the city, but also have to solve puzzles and complete assignments together.

The Power of Team Building: Strengthening the Mutual Bond

Team building is a comprehensive concept with a common goal. It can strengthen the mutual bond in a company by giving employees the opportunity to get to know and understand each other better. By working together on shared goals, employees have the opportunity to appreciate each other's qualities and skills and to build trust. This can result in greater engagement and motivation, making employees feel more connected to their colleagues and the company as a whole.

Team building activities can also help bridge communication barriers and promote effective collaboration. Breaking out of the daily routine and working in a new environment during outings can help employees feel more relaxed and open to new ideas and perspectives. This can help solve problems faster and stimulate innovation.

Finally, team building can also contribute to a positive corporate culture. By investing time and energy in team building activities, a company shows that it values ​​the well-being and growth of its employees. This can lead to greater employee loyalty and engagement with the company, which in turn can result in higher productivity and lower employee turnover.

“From a walking dinner, to an outdoor escape room, to a high tea in our beautiful capital. At Flitz-Events you have come to the right place for the best company outings, which everyone will be talking about for years to come. We listen to special wishes and, thanks to our experience in various cities, can offer a variety of activities.”

The benefits of staff outings

Organizing staff outings offers various benefits for both employees and the company itself. Here are some benefits of company outings:

Team building: Staff outings promote team spirit and improve relationships between colleagues. By doing fun activities together outside the work environment, team members get to know each other better, build trust and strengthen collaboration.

Motivation and involvement: Organizing a company outing shows appreciation for the efforts of employees. This can increase their motivation and promote a sense of commitment to the company. Employees feel valued and motivated to continue to put their best foot forward.

Relaxation and fun: Staff outings offer a welcome change from the daily work and provide relaxation and fun. This helps reduce stress and creates a positive work environment. It gives employees the chance to disconnect from work and enjoy pleasant and relaxing moments with colleagues.

Communication and cooperation: During company outings, employees can communicate and collaborate with each other in an informal way. This promotes open communication and can improve collaboration in the workplace. Breaking down hierarchical structures and promoting interaction on an equal level can stimulate new ideas and perspectives.

Talent development: Staff outings also provide opportunities for talent development. Through team activities, employees can showcase their skills and talents and potentially discover new leadership qualities. This can contribute to personal growth and career development within the company.

The biggest advantage of the fun company outing? Being together! All in all, staff outings contribute to a positive working atmosphere, team building and the creation of a closer and more motivated team. It is an investment that can lead to improved performance, higher job satisfaction and successful cooperation within the company.

Combine multiple activities

Do you want a successfully organized company outing? Then consider combining multiple activities! For example, consider a sporting activity such as: beach volleyball combined with a relaxing yoga workshop or mindfulness to relax.

You can also combine an active outdoor activity such as a treasure hunt or city walk with a culinary experience, such as a tasting of local delicacies or a cooking course where you prepare a delicious meal yourself. Another option is to combine a creative workshop such as painting or soap making with a team building activity such as an escape room or a teamwork challenge. This ensures a perfect balance between creativity and collaboration.

Combining multiple activities not only offers variety in atmosphere and fun, but also allows you to accommodate different interests and preferences within the team. It provides a versatile and dynamic company outing that everyone can enjoy.

Flitz-Events guarantees a company outing together with all your colleagues. A fun afternoon and countless opportunities to give a personal touch to a unique day.

Combine the company outing with a catering package

After a day full of activities, it is wonderful to enjoy a lunch or delicious dinner with your group or colleagues in one of the many nice restaurants in Amsterdam. We are happy to help you book a table, so that you can enjoy a delicious meal without any worries. The unique company outing is concluded with a nice arrangement, dinner or lunch as desired!

All restaurants are perfect for an extensive lunch and/or a tasty dinner, followed by a great party in combination with a sporty or creative company outing in Amsterdam. In Amsterdam there is a wide range of options to choose from.

At Flitz-Events, personal attention and customer satisfaction are of paramount importance. We do everything we can to make your company outing in Amsterdam a success. Contact Flitz-Events today and let us know your wishes and ideas for a company outing in Amsterdam. We are happy to make a tailor-made offer for you without obligation.

For all your wishes

Do you have special wishes for an original outing? Think of a specific theme, a special location or a specific activity? We are here to meet your wishes and create a uniquely organized company outing for you and your team.

Whether you are preferably looking for a exclusive boat trip along the coast, an interactive theater experience in a historic location, or an adventurous day of adrenaline, we can bring together the right elements to meet your specific needs.

You may also have special catering needs, such as a vegan menu, gluten-free dishes, or a specific cuisine from a certain culture. We can work with professional caterers to meet all your culinary needs. Whether you are organizing a team outing or looking for an organized outing with friends, we are there for you.

Guaranteed a fun afternoon with a company outing at Flitz-Events

From creative workshops to a visit to different restaurants. The possibilities vary widely at Flitz-Events. We are ready to organize a unique staff outing at any desired location. Even when the weather is bad, we always come up with a solution that is extremely suitable as an alternative.

Please contact without obligation contact us to discuss the possibilities. Our employees are ready to help you put together a company outing that will be talked about for a long time.

Original company outing Amsterdam? Choose Flitz Events

Professional guidance, challenging assignments, exciting game, a delicious lunch and above all: fun. At Flitz-Events you are assured of an original company outing, where the team building activity comes first.

Our experienced supervisors ensure flawless organization and guide your team through various challenging activities. Whether it concerns an exciting scavenger hunt through the city, a sporting activity on the beach or a creative workshop, we provide a program that perfectly matches your wishes and goals.

During the company outing, team building is central. By working together on the assignments and challenges, you strengthen the mutual bond and get to know each other's qualities better. In addition, the coziness and relaxed atmosphere ensure that you as a team can enjoy an unforgettable fun day.