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Company outing beach

Flitz events specializing in organizing a company outing on the beach of Scheveningen, Kijkduin and Hoek van Holland from 2 to 3000 people. We take the entire organization of a company beach out of your hands and organize the perfect outing for you.

Company Events

Do you want to reward your staff for a year of hard work? Are you looking for something new, something sporty and original for a company outing? Then a company outing, team outing of staff day the perfect way to make your appreciation known. Flitz events understands better than anyone that a perfectly organized company outing will ensure a more positive atmosphere within your company. With a diverse program (active-creative-adventurous) and different atmospheric locations, Flitz events will ensure that your staff will never forget the company outing.

Flitz events tailors the program to your wishes. How about one beach day followed by a fully catered barbecue? Or a beach activity with a varied lunch? Do you prefer a “tailor-made beach day”? You can also entrust that to Flitz events. After 10 years of experience in organizing company outings, Flitz events provides a varied company outing full of sports, games, excitement and thrills! Everything is possible!

Take it contact Contact us for more information or request a quote without obligation via the application form so that Flitz events can organize a 'Flashing' company outing for you!

Sporty company outings on the beach

Is it time for an active / sporty company outing in Scheveningen? Everyone wants something different, one wants a sporty group outing and the other a cultural group outing. Flitz events offers an overview of various types of company outing on the beach of Scheveningen. Flitz events offers both active and a quiet group outing in Scheveningen.

Company outing on the water

Looking for outdoor water activities in Scheveningen? We have selected the best outdoor activities on the water for you and we guarantee a successful event in Scheveningen! Choose from the outdoor water activities in Scheveningen below.

Enjoy with all colleagues on the water; for the lovers of speed we have the powerboat in Scheveningen. For people who want to take it easy, we make a quiet tour on the North Sea. Prefer a bit more sporty? Then we recommend surf rafting!

Creative company outings on the beach

The creative company outings in Scheveningen consist of various activities. From sand sculptures to pimp slippers. There is plenty of choice to do fun creative company outings in Scheveningen. Of course it is possible to combine the creative company outings with active workshops on the beach of Scheveningen. Because not everyone within the company has the same interests, it is sometimes difficult as an “organizer” to organize a fun day for everyone. Our creative company outings can be booked as part of a company outing, as well as individual company outings.

Company outing GPS tours

Choose one of our cruises in The Hague:

Company outing winter

After a great success of summer outings, we now also have a magical winter workshop. We have the right, stylish locations for organizing a company outing in winter. During these workshops you will experience the magical atmospheres of winter. There is a choice of different workshops with something for everyone. The workshop can be combined and possibly extended.

Throughout the year you can book for an original company outing in the winter months, Christmas outing or winter outing that will be talked about for a long time. The hundreds of candles, lights, fire pits set the location on fire, where the active, culinary and fun team experiences set the tone for a delicious, but above all cozy dinner!

Top 3 sporty company outing / winter outing

Below you will find our top 3 winter company outings:

Top 3 Creative company outing / winter outing

The creative workshops in Scheveningen consist of various activities. From sand sculptures to pimping slippers. There is plenty of choice to do fun creative workshops in Scheveningen.

Of course it is possible to combine creative workshops with active workshops on the beach of Scheveningen. Our creative workshops can be booked as part of a company outing or as a separate workshop.

Below you will find our top 3 creative company outings:

Cheap Company Outings

The employer would like to reward his employees for their hard work, but not every company has a very large budget for a company outing. Fortunately, it is also possible to book a cheap company outing Flitz Events to book. In this way, small companies can also reward their employees for their efforts. There are plenty of activities that are fun and affordable for a company with a smaller budget. The costs differ per activity and are between 10 euros and 35 euros per person. It is not about the budget, but about the atmosphere and the team spirit during a company outing. There are plenty of fun and inexpensive activities to make the employees very happy. They are guaranteed to look back on the company outing with a smile on their face.

Cheap company outings for a large group

At Flitz Events, the larger the group, the cheaper the outing. You can book many outings from 8 or 10 people, but then the costs are higher than if you were to come with 50 to 100 people. If you are a large company with many employees, so you have a more limited budget, then you can go to Flitz-Events. If you have a creative company full of creative employees then a painting workshop or clogs may pimp something for this company as a company outing. A painting workshop costs 15 euros per person with a group of 60 people or more and the clog pimping workshop costs 15 euros per person from 50 people. If it concerns a large group of 100 people or more, it is best to ask what the prices are per person.

Top 6 cheap company outing

If you have a budget and cannot come up with it, we can of course help you organize a spectacular company outing.

Low rates

Other cheaper company outings that you can find at Flitz Events include a poker workshop or a pub quiz. At the poker workshop you get to know your colleagues in a different way and you get tips and tricks from professionals. The workshop includes host, dealers, croupiers, poker chips and of course prizes for the winners. This workshop costs 12,50 euros per person with a group from 70 people. At a pub quiz you compete against each other in teams and score points per correctly answered question. The questions can be about general facts or, in consultation, specifically about the company. This one workshop costs 12,50 euros per person from 100 people. A workshop building sand sculptures is 10 euros per person from a group of 100 people. From a group of 50 people, this rate is 12,50 euros per person.

Obligation free quote

For each workshop, you can request a quote via the website. You enter which activity you want to do and the size of the group that takes part. In addition, you enter the desired time and location and you immediately see what the costs are. This way you avoid nasty surprises afterwards. You can then discuss any specific wishes. If it is ultimately the case that the money that was reserved for the company outing is not yet empty, it is also possible to expand the activity. For example, it is possible to book a drink package, lunch, dinner or barbecue. This way you have a completely catered day. At Flitz Events you have a wide choice of activities with different prices. A limited budget does not have to be in the way of booking a fun company outing.

Step-by-step plan for making your company outing:

Step 1: Determine the start and end times of your company outing for yourself
Step 2: Choose your activity (s)
Step 3: Optionally add a reception drink, lunch, BBQ and / or party evening to your company outing
Step 4: Request your quote! You will receive a tailor-made non-binding proposal in your mailbox within 24 hours on working days.

We tailor the company outing to your wishes. You can also entrust that to us. Everything is negotiable!

What are the top 3 summer company outings?

For the sporty people we have original team outings such as;

1️⃣ Robinson Crusoe Challenge (Survival games focused on team building)

2️⃣ Kiting / Powerkiting (For everyone accessible)

3️⃣ Hexathlon / Beach Games (Custom made for an original outing)

What are the top 3 winter company outings?

1️⃣ Winter wonderland (Hilarious Après-ski Games! Super Jolig)

2️⃣ pub quiz show (Sociability & fight with a drink)

3️⃣ Workshop making ice sculptures (Ice-cold workshop perfect for team building)

Experience a company outing?

We offer cheap, the best company outings
Do you want to make sure that your colleagues will get a better bond with each other and preferably in a fun and unique way so that it doesn't feel so forced? Then there is only one solution for your problem, for example, do a company outing in The Hague with your colleagues and / or employees. In The Hague you can do a lot of different company outings, which are not only good fun and entertainment in the field of team building. But what are fun company outings that you could only do in it The Hague (Scheveningen)? Flitz Events offers for your company outings that ensure that your team will remember this day for a long time.

1. Company outing; Escape room

A company outing allows you to see each other from a different side than you normally do in a dull office. Once you go on an adventure together, you really get to know who sits next to or opposite you next to 40 hours per week. Sometimes you want to escape together from the routine of daily obligations, Flitz Events has taken this literally by offering the hit of recent times as a company outing, namely the escape room. Having to use each other's quality to escape from an enclosed space as quickly as possible ensures that the mutual bond between your team becomes a lot deeper and stronger. For you, you no longer only escape from an escape room, but also from the routine of your work by doing your own Friday afternoon drink with your team.

2. Company outing; City Games

Do your colleagues think they know everything about The Hague and is there no street, alley or corner of unknown territory? Prove this by joining your colleagues in the so-called City Games. The City Games are a new concept, which are taking over the cities in the Dutch provinces at breakneck speed. Through assignments you get to know undiscovered treasure towns in the city, all in their own subject. Crack a vault or arrest the criminals, free hostages or discover hiding places. One thing is certain: after the City Games your team knows the city like no other and therefore knows where they can get along outside office hours.

3. Company outing; GPS tours

Would you prefer to explore the city in a quieter way? Then choose one of the many GPS tours to be organized through Flitz Events. Using a special GPS device, your team unravels the secrets of the city and finds its way back to basics. A company outing where everything revolves around collaboration, because without a good team you cannot reach the finish. An event with a lot of sensation and fun.

Extra: buffet

Every adventurous day must of course be able to end in style. And how can you do this better than with a well-kept and hearty meal? It doesn't matter which of the company outings you plan, you can end them all with a fully catered buffet. After a challenging and active day you have to replenish your energy in a good way and that is why it has been remembered that the buffet is not only full of good food, but that this food immediately ensures that you can fully expand.

Tailor-made company outing.

Organizing a company outing can be difficult. We are happy to help you put together a fantastic custom outing. Choose from a wide range of options and activities. We are happy to organize a customized outing for your company. We will put together an appropriate program in close consultation with you. We are happy to help you put together a fantastic custom outing. Choose from a wide range of options and activities. Guaranteed fun for everyone!

Based on your wishes, number of people and your budget, we make a tailor-made quotation without any obligation. Of course we would also be happy to discuss all the options with you while enjoying a cup of coffee, so that you can also view the location immediately.

Do you want to organize a company party? Even then you have come to the right place!

Based on your wishes, number of people and your budget, we make a tailor-made quotation without any obligation. Of course we would also be happy to discuss all the options with you while enjoying a cup of coffee, so that you can also view the location immediately.

Teambuilding company outing

Team building is the main reason for almost all companies to organize a company outing. During a company outing people get to know each other better and that in a completely different, informal setting. This improves cooperation within the company and makes it easier for people to find each other later, for example if they are from different departments. Thanks to our trained instructors, your company outing will become a true Teambuilding Day.

The instructors enthuse your staff from start to finish so that everyone actively participates! The Robinson Crusoe or hexathlon is ultimately suitable for a team buiding activity!

Company outing at Scheveningen beach

Looking for a staff outing, bachelor party, company outing, children's party or family day? Flitz events offers active, creative and team building outings in Scheveningen!

With our years of experience in organizing the most diverse company outing on the beach of Scheveningen, we put together the perfect company outing, children's party, family day, staff outing or bachelor party. From sports activities to creative company outings / outings, for young and old and something for everyone: Flitz events provides the company outing from start to finish with care, attention and enthusiasm.