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Corporate event

Corporate event are indispensable in the business world these days. They are often seen as a moment of relaxation and team building. But did you know that one company outing and group activities can mean much more to your organization? Yes, you read that right, company outings are much more than just a day out!

As a manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that your team works together effectively. Good team dynamics lead to higher productivity, creativity and better results. These outings offer the opportunity to strengthen the bond between colleagues and increase team spirit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does a company outing cost per person?
    The costs for a company outing vary enormously. That's because there are so many options. You can keep it small by opting for a workshop, but you can also throw a great company party. The prices per person will logically differ. So ask for the prices pp without obligation, we will be happy to tell you more.
  • How many people can you be with?
    We organize annual company outings for groups of 10 to 1000 people. So we already have a lot of experience with guiding large groups.
  • What kind of clothing should I wear?
    That really depends on the activity you do. If you are going to do something active on the beach, it is best to wear comfortable clothes. Or if you are going to do a winter activity, it is best to put on something warm. There is always a possibility to change in the restaurant if, for example, you want to eat something afterwards.

An unforgettable experience with these fun company outings!

Are you looking for a unique and unforgettable experience for your company and staff? Search no further! Flitz Events is the expert in the field of group activities and company outings. With our innovative approach and years of experience, we know exactly how to create an event that exceeds expectations and is memorable for a long time!

Our goal is to create a stimulating environment where team building, fun and entertainment come together. We believe that by promoting positive interactions and encouraging collaboration within teams, companies can become stronger and more successful. We offer a wide range of group activities and staff outings. Are you looking for a sporting challenge, an exciting one? teambuilding activity or a relaxing day out? We have the perfect company outing for every group.

Customization for the perfect company outings

We naturally work closely with you to ensure that every company outing perfectly meets your expectations. Organizing a fun staff outing for a small company or a multinational? We adapt to you! Our team of experienced organizers is ready to create an unforgettable day that suits you and your team exactly.

At Flitz Events we choose to create unforgettable experiences, because we know that people remember much more about what they have done and experienced themselves than about what they have been told. That's why we ensure that our activities are interactive, challenging and engaging. Want to take part in a thrilling escape room or an adrenaline-boosting powerboat race? You will certainly remember these fantastic activities with a smile on your face.

Active company outings

Have you ever participated in one? active company outing? We offer various activities that provide fun, team building and collaboration. This can be done with a small team or a large group. We can tailor a program that suits you. Our activities range from sporting beach activities to creative workshops and how about an exciting puzzle tour or challenging team building assignments? And that is not all! How about a game of beach volleyball on the beach, a painting workshop or a treasure hunt through the city?

During these outings, employees can get to know each other in a different way. They can work together in an informal setting, outside the daily working environment. This can lead to the emergence of new ideas, improved communication and a better understanding of each other's strengths and talents.

Group outing with overnight stay

Would you like to enjoy the company outing activities even longer and further strengthen the team spirit? Then we also offer staff outings with overnight stay On. We take care of the activities and arrange the accommodation and meals. This way you can relax and enjoy your time together, without having to worry about practical matters. Our accommodations range from cozy beach houses to luxury hotels and everything in between. Do you want to camp on the beach or would you rather sleep in a comfortable hotel bed? We have the perfect option for your overnight getaway.

Why choose a group outing?

When employees feel valued and involved, they are generally more motivated to do good work. By regularly organizing company outings, you show that you value the well-being of your team. This can lead to higher job satisfaction and loyalty, and therefore a better bottom line!

A fresh look can also offer new perspectives. These outings are the opportunity to stimulate creativity within your team. By getting away from the daily routine and work environment, employees can look at problems in a different way. This can provide innovative ideas and solutions to challenges the team faces.

Cheap company outings

At Flitz Events we think it is important that everyone can enjoy a fantastic team outing, regardless of budget. That is why we also offer cheap company outings On. These activities may be a bit more price-friendly, but they certainly do not compromise on quality and fun. Choose a sporting activity such as beach volleyball or a creative workshop such as painting, we ensure that it is an unforgettable experience. Our expert instructors will guide you throughout the activity and ensure that everyone has maximum fun.

Original outings for small groups

Not every group is the same size, but that doesn't mean the fun has to be any less. At Flitz Events we also have original company outing ideas especially for small groups. With a small team or just want to organize an intimate team outing? Consider a pleasant cruise through the canals of Amsterdam or an exciting escape room experience. We make sure everyone is involved and has a great time. Our activities are designed to be suitable for both large and small groups, so that no one is left wanting for anything.

Online team outings, far away but still close

In these modern times where remote working is becoming increasingly popular, online team outings have become increasingly popular. And that is not for nothing! Our online fun company outings are designed to bring remote colleagues together and provide a fun and interactive experience. During a online company outing teams can participate in various challenging and entertaining activities, such as virtual escape rooms, interactive game shows and online workshops. This allows colleagues to collaborate, solve problems and have fun at the same time, all from the comfort of their home. And you don't have to do anything, everything will be arranged by our organizers!

Company outings for the winter

The winter months are often a time when colleagues need warmth and coziness. During our winter company outings teams can enjoy activities such as ice sculpture building, winter pub quizzes and exciting snow competitions. These activities promote team spirit and participants can count on an unforgettable experience in a festive and winter setting. Our well-trained instructors are ready to guide the teams and make it a successful event. Below you will find a number of suitable team outing ideas!

Ice sculptures or a Winter Wonderland?

De Ice sculpture workshop is a unique activity that fits perfectly with the winter season. This workshop challenges teams to work together on a physical and artistic project: making ice sculptures. Under professional guidance, participants learn how to create works of art from ice blocks. It promotes creativity and collaboration within the team. A great way to spend the winter with colleagues or friends!

Do you want to organize a company event to celebrate successes and strengthen bonds between colleagues? It Winter Wonderland Event is the perfect choice. We provide fun and team spirit in a festive setting. With all kinds of activities and entertainment, such as an après-ski party and winter games, it will be an unforgettable day. Enjoy the winter atmosphere together and get to know each other better outside office hours, that's what the Winter Wonderland Event is!

Sloepenrally is one of the best summer company outings

Looking for an activity for the summer? Then our sloop rally might be something for your team! With this activity we take advantage of the beautiful weather and you can count on a perfect combination of relaxation and adventure on the water. During the sloop rally, you and your team will have the opportunity to steer a sloop yourself and explore the beautiful waters.

You will be equipped with a road map and assignments to complete along the way. The goal is to reach the final destination as quickly as possible, taking navigation and teamwork into account. The boat rally is a fun and active way to get out on the water and it also offers the opportunity to work together with your team members. Through the various assignments and challenges during the rally, you promote teamwork and cooperation within your team.

Outdoor escape games for summer days

Another popular activity we offer is the outdoor escape games. This activity takes place outdoors and promotes teamwork and problem-solving, ideal for team building. During the outdoor escape games, you and your team are locked up in a specially designed location, such as an abandoned factory or a mysterious mansion. It is up to you to escape from this location within a certain time by solving interactive puzzles and challenges. This activity encourages teamwork and the ability to solve problems under pressure. Together with your team members you must combine various clues and puzzles to arrive at the correct solution. Through communication and cooperation you can complete the challenge and escape successfully.

VR adventures and city challenges

For the younger generation who loves technology and adventure, you will find exciting VR adventures at Flitz Events. Using the latest technologies, participants can immerse themselves in immersive and energetic experiences. From virtual races to escape from virtual worlds. These activities attract the younger generation, but are of course fun for people of all ages who like to discover new technologies.

If you have a physical and more active activity in mind when thinking about company outing ideas, then the City Challenges from Flitz Events are the perfect choice. During these dynamic activities you will explore the city in teams and take on various challenges. Think of solving puzzles, completing assignments and finding hidden clues. By working together and thinking strategically, you strengthen the bond between colleagues and develop important skills that are useful in the work environment.

Art and culture tours and culinary workshops

If you're looking for a quieter, educational activity that promotes both cultural appreciation and team interaction, Flitz Events' art and culture tours are a fun company outing. During these tours you get the chance to discover various works of art and cultural sights under the guidance of an experienced guide. There are also interactive elements that allow you and your team to actively participate.

For the food lovers among us, Flitz Events offers culinary workshops that are perfect for team building. During this workshops you work together with your colleagues to prepare delicious dishes and learn more about culinary techniques. Attention experienced chefs and amateurs! These workshops are suitable for all levels. Working together in the kitchen promotes team spirit and also ensures that you can develop new culinary skills.

Pub quiz in your local bar

One of the popular activities offered by Flitz Events are pub quizzes in local bars. This activity combines scalability and interactivity, making it the perfect activity for large groups to come together and test their knowledge and team spirit. During the pub quiz, teams are formed and compete against each other in different rounds with various categories, such as general knowledge, music, sports and entertainment.

It's a great way to expand your knowledge, collaborate and communicate within the team. Playing in a local bar allows the event to take place in an informal and friendly atmosphere, where teams can enjoy a drink while taking part in the quiz. This is of course also the perfect opportunity to meet new people and make contacts within the company network!

The great iPad games

Another exciting activity that Flitz Events offers are the great iPad games! Technology brings together large groups to play together and take the lead in exciting quests and interactive challenges. Using iPads, teams are equipped with a special app with which they can solve various assignments, puzzles and games. From city discovery tours to digital escape rooms and detective games, what do you choose?

Company outings at your location

We organize company outings at various locations beautiful locations in the Netherlandssuch as the beach, the city, the forest or at your company. Our event planners can help you select the perfect location and activities. This way your company outing becomes a fully catered experience!