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Beach golf / beach golf

Meet the now extremely popular sport beach golf! And this time not standard in a pasture full of cows, but nice on the beach! This makes farmers beach golf the ideal (summer) sport. Sun, sea, beach and… golf, the ideal combination for a fun day out!

Beach golf on the beach

After a short explanation of how to play beach golf you can get started. Of course you use the special golf club and the special ball. There is a course on the beach with different 'holes' that will test your skills as a real beach golf. Are you the one who needs the fewest strokes to get to the end of the course?

beach golf (beach golf) is not only a challenging sport for yourself, but it is great fun to measure your golfing abilities against those of your family or friends! Do you finally want to have something fun to talk about on the next birthday or are you just ready for a fun new challenge? Then go play beach golf and be convinced of this special sport!

Beach golf program beach golf:

  • reception
  • explanation program
  • practice match
  • competition
  • Beach stroke
  • possibly a BBQ or a drink

Duration of beach golf / beach golf:

2 Hours

Location beach golf / beach golf:

ScheveningenKijkduinHoek van Holland
Other location? Also possible only in discussion with us.

Beach tents

Scheveningen, Kijkduin, Hoek van Holland

Beach golf prices

From 10 persons: € 17,50
From 25 persons: € 15,00
From 50 persons: € 10, -
From 70 persons: Request the quote

Prices are per person and include VAT

Expansion with disc golf € 5,00 pp
Expansion with farmer's foot golf € 5,00 pp

Farmers beach golf, Beach golf, company outing Scheveningen, Kijkduin, corner of Holland Farm beach golf Golf on the beach, beach golf2
Request a quote directly

Example program beach golf:

The times can be changed in consultation

  • 13.00 pm Reception with a delicious lunch (optional)
  • 14.00 pm Reception guests on location / beach tent
  • 14.15 pm Welcome + explanation of the program, opportunity to change clothes
  • 14.30 pm Start of beach golf practice round
  • 15.30 pm Short break
  • 15.45 pm Start part 2 of beach golf practice round competition round
  • 16.45 pm End of beach golf practice round competition round
  • 17.00 pm The award ceremony and closing of the program


  • 17.00 pm Following a drink hour
  • 18.00 pm Start BBQ / dinner / buffet
  • 20.00 pm End of program

Combination package:
Of course you can also choose several activities. We can make an extra nice price for this!
Farmer's golf + workshop Sand sculptures:
From 10 persons: € 25, -
From 25 persons: € 22,50
From 50 persons: € 20, -