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Bachelor party women

bachelor party women

Looking spectacular bachelorette party for women? Do you have the honor to host the bachelorette party for the women? A party before the bride gets married; a special bachelor party for women! The last time you go out together before the big day. Such a bachelor party for women must of course be something special, a day to remember. Flitz events are happy to take care of that. We have a huge selection of activities that are very suitable
for a bachelorette party for women. Both for the ladies and for the men. Adventurous, sporty, fun, creative and of course always very cozy. You can go out with a few friends but also with a large group. Enjoy a breath of fresh air or be creative in a beach tent in Scheveningen, Kijkduin or Hoek van Holland. We like to organize a bachelor party women on the beach but also in the city. In The Hague, for example. Always in consultation with you, of course.

Top 3 bachelorette party women

Creative bachelor party women

If you want to enjoy working together during a creative workshop, you have an extensive choice at Flitz events. You can pimp slippers or clogs, but also learn to paint or learn to make jewelry. The workshops are led by professionals and there is enough space for socializing and a snack and drink. Sand sculptures are also very nice. Work as a team on a beautiful creative plan and let your imagination run wild. Or compete with a prize for the most beautiful sand sculpture. You can also combine a workshop with another activity and with a delicious meal. We are happy to provide a great lunch, dinner or BBQ on the beach. Tip: dance salsa workshop or make cocktails workshop! Surprise yourself sweet with a delicious homemade cocktail.

Sporty bachelorette party women

Do you want to be sporty? Flitz events also has all kinds of sports activities for a successful bachelor party for women. How adventurous do you want it? You can also do something extreme! For example, surf rafting or a trip with the powerboat. Power kiting is also very exciting and an activity to remember. The same goes for wave surfing. The beach lends itself to great fun activities where you can also go out to sea to brave the surf. If you have planned an outdoor activity and unexpectedly bad weather, it is always possible to have a second plan in hand. You just party in one of the beach bars.

Other sporting outings for a bachelorette party women include: beach volleyball, kite flying, farmers beach golf and the Robinson Crusoe getaway. The last activity, the Robinson Crusoe outing, is super exciting. You will do everything to survive: shoot coconuts, draw liana, build a large tower with Jenga and run an obstacle course.

Activities hen party women

Of course there are many activities that men and women enjoy, but there are also activities that are mainly aimed at a bachelor party for women. Think for example of the workshop Piemels Pimpen. Traditionally, the bachelorette party is the last moment for the bride to have a quieter life. That's why you want to be able to go crazy at a bachelor party. During the workshop everyone gets a plaster copy of a penis and all materials to make it as beautiful as possible. You can also hold an election after the workshop and decide who can best decorate cock. Everyone goes home with this beautiful souvenir. This way everyone has a nice souvenir of a nice day. You will never forget what you have done when you have a beautifully decorated penis in your home.

Large choice of activities for a bachelor party for women

We have not yet listed everything you can do during a bachelor party for women. The escape room, take a boat trip, organize a GPS tour for example. Visit the Flitz events website to read all about our activities. You can also always email or call us for information and advice. We would be happy to put together the desired program for the bachelor party with you. Whether it's a few hours, an evening, an afternoon or a whole day. With us you also choose from many options for eating and drinking: from eating pizza or sushi to having a drink on a boat or a BBQ on the beach.