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Department outing

Are you looking for a fun outing with your colleagues to strengthen team spirit and relax outside the working environment? At Flitz-Events we have a wide range of activities and packages that are perfect for a successful department outing. From exciting team building activities to relaxing workshops and from sporting challenges to cultural discoveries, there is something for everyone. We are happy to help you put together a program that suits the interests and needs of your team, so that you can experience an unforgettable day together.

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Department outing Rotterdam

Are you thinking of unique locations in the Netherlands? Then Rotterdam should not be missing from the options. Rotterdam is a city known for its many possibilities. From the bustling city center to the impressive harbour, there is always something to do in the Maasstad. As an experienced events agency in Scheveningen, we regularly travel to Rotterdam to organize unique department outings. With a wide range of activities and locations, we offer departments the opportunity to come together, promote team building and, above all, have fun.

Department outing in The Hague

Do you prefer the mix between city and beach? Then The Hague is the place to be. With plenty of options in an impressive location, there is always something to do here. From a relaxing walk on the beach to cultural discoveries in the vibrant city center, The Hague offers something for everyone. And of course don't forget the beach of Scheveningen!

Of course, we at Flitz-Events can help you organize an unforgettable department outing in this versatile city.

Department outing Leiden

Leiden, the atmospheric Key City, is a fantastic location for a department outing full of history and fun. Stroll along the canals, admire the historic architecture and discover the many cultural attractions this city has to offer. Whether you choose a city walk along the most important monuments, a boat trip through the canals or an interactive treasure hunt through the historic center, there is always something fun to do in Leiden. Moreover, there are countless cozy cafes, restaurants and terraces where you can enjoy a snack and a drink with your colleagues after the outing.

Department outing with children

Do children also work at the company, and do you still want to be able to go out with everyone? There are also plenty of possibilities. How about power kiting, for example, where we can use different kites, depending on the level and age of the children? We can also organize creative activities, such as painting on the beach or making beach sculptures. You will of course find fun department outings at Flitz-Events. Also for groups with children.

Organizing a department outing?

Step-by-step plan for organizing an original department outing:

  1. Determine the goal and target group: Consider the purpose of the department outing and who it is intended for. For example, do you want to promote team building, strengthen the bond between colleagues, or just have a fun time?
  2. Determine budget: Draw up a budget for the department outing. This largely determines the options for activities, location and catering.
  3. Choose a date and location: Determine when the department outing will take place and choose a suitable location. Consider the travel distance, facilities at the location and availability.
  4. Think of fun activities: Choose activities that match the purpose of the outing and the interests of the participants. This can vary from sporting activities to creative workshops or cultural outings.
  5. Reserve supplies: Make sure that all supplies for the activities are reserved in time. This includes materials, possible instructors and catering.

Plenty of online department outings are also possible!

Having trouble organizing an outing with the entire department? Then experience the convenience of online outings. At Flitz-Events we understand better than anyone that it can sometimes be difficult to organize a physical department outing, especially if circumstances do not permit it. With online quizzes, unique online escape rooms and various other virtual games, we ensure that your team has an unforgettable experience, even remotely. Our online department outings provide a fun and interactive way to collaborate, communicate and have fun, all from the comfort of your own home or office. So pleasant!

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