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Sports and game activities

Sporting activities are guaranteed a unique and unforgettable company outing. It is the ideal way to get to know each other in a fun way and at the same time work together and enjoy challenging and energetic activities. At Flitz-Events we have a range of sports and games activities that are suitable for various group sizes and levels. Whether you choose an exciting expedition, an enthusiastic game of volleyball or the thrill of power kiting, our activities are designed to encourage team spirit and team building. Ready to push your team to new heights? Discover our sports and games activities and turn your company outing into a sporting sensation!

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Sports and games activities for a company outing!

Looking for a way to stimulate team spirit, promote collaboration and add a good dose of fun to your company outing? Then choose sporting activities! Sports and games are a great way to strengthen bonds between colleagues and create an unforgettable company outing. Whether you are an avid athlete or are just looking for a fun challenge, there are countless sporting activities that you can consider for your company outing.

Our top 3 sporty company outings:

Expedition Robinson

Take on the ultimate challenge with Expedition Robinson! Work together with your team to overcome physical and mental obstacles and discover who the true survivors are. A mix of teamwork, strategy and fun makes this game an unforgettable experience that strengthens team spirit.


Dive into the sand for a sporty and entertaining session of volleyball. Test your skills, collaborate with your colleagues and experience the excitement of a game of volleyball on the beach. A great way to encourage competition and cooperation while enjoying the fresh air and beach scenery.


Feel the power of the wind while you get started with power kiting on the beach. Learn the art of flying a kite and enjoy the adrenaline while controlling the kite. An energetic and adventurous activity that combines team building and fun in a beautiful environment.

The benefits of a sports and games company outing

A sports and games company outing offers numerous benefits for you and your team. Here are some of the main benefits:

  1. Team building: Sports and games activities promote teamwork and cooperation. By achieving goals together, overcoming challenges and devising strategies, team members learn to work together effectively.
  2. Strengthened team spirit: Being active and having fun together creates a positive atmosphere in which team members get to know each other better and develop a stronger bond. This strengthens team spirit and the feeling of solidarity.
  3. Stress Reduction: Sports and games provide relaxation and fun, which can help reduce work-related stress. A relaxed team is often more productive and creative.
  4. Improved communication: During sporting activities, team members must communicate effectively to succeed. This encourages open and clear communication, which translates to better collaboration in the workplace.

End with a nice drink or lunch

The perfect end to a sports and games company outing? Finish with a nice drink or lunch! After all the effort it is time to relax and enjoy each other's company. A drink or lunch offers the ideal opportunity to share experiences, laugh about the day's adventures, and simply relax. It strengthens the bonds between team members and creates an informal atmosphere in which everyone feels at ease. Whether in a cozy café or on a sunny terrace, a drink or lunch after a sporty company outing makes the day complete. Cheers to a successful day and to the strong team you form together!

Looking for a sporty outing? Choose Flitz Events

From fun assignments to ending the day with a snack and nice music. Are you looking for a dynamic and exciting company outing that stimulates energy and team spirit? Then sporting activities are the perfect choice! At Flitz-Events we offer a varied range of sporty team building activities that offer both fun and challenge for you and your colleagues. Whether you prefer an active outdoor experience, exciting competition or simply want to move and laugh with your team, our sporting activities are designed to have a lasting impact on team dynamics. Discover our offer and get ready to get moving together with your colleagues!

Sporty outing in The Hague to organize? Then choose Flitz-Events!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we all have to be experienced athletes to participate in sporting company outings?

Absolutely not! Sporty company outings are designed for people of all fitness levels. Most group activities can be adapted to the skills and comfort levels of the participants. It's more about teamwork, having fun and working together than about competition.

Are there certain dress codes for sporty company outings?

It is usually advisable to wear comfortable sportswear and sports shoes, adapted to the specific activity. If the activity takes place outdoors, it may also be helpful to wear layers so you can adapt to the weather conditions. Don't forget to bring water and sunscreen if needed.