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Beach activities Kijkduin

Activities Kijkduin, Staff outing in Nieuw Kijkduin 2020

Looking for beach activities in Kijkduin? Kijkduin is the ideal place for activities on the beach. The Kijkduin beach has recently been considerably widened to strengthen the coast. You can really enjoy yourself in the quiet seaside resort of Kijkduin! Privacy and tranquility are therefore guaranteed in a unique spot on the beach with a sea view. After the meeting, get a breath of fresh air on the beach of Kijkduin, choose from the various options activities that suits you! Take a long walk or bike ride through the dunes. With the GPS dune dropping late Flitz events to see Kijkduin in a fun and creative way. Kijkduin is easily accessible by public transport and by car.

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Sports outings activities Kijkduin

Whether you expect it or not, Kijkduin is at least as good a place for enjoying a fun outing as any other place along the coast of South Holland. The activities differ from each other in areas such as learning, adventure, fun and new experiences. But what activities are there to experience here? This is the top 5 outings that you should not miss in Kijkduin. Ideal for one Team outing, bachelor party of company outing in Kijkduin.

Top 3 Creative activities Kijkduin / outings / bachelor party

Beach tent Kijkduin / BBQ Kijkduin

In addition to taking care of your company outing, have beach pavilions for you viewing dune chosen with which we like to work with. However, we are not bound by location and we also regularly work from various others beach pavilions. The sun comes through, time for a delicious BBQ for your staff on the beach! In collaboration with various beach clubs, flitz events can organize the perfect company outing for you! You can choose from a large number of barbeque packages. The BBQs can be moved, so that the chefs prepare the dishes in the midst of the guests. Already 10 years of experience in organizing various beach events at Kijkduin. Exotically decorated activities, swaying palm trees, tropical tunes, luxurious hammocks and finally the Tropical Beach BBQ in Kijkduin. Let the party begin!BBQ after Kijkduin activities

The beach is easily accessible and free parking. Kijkduin has a lovely beach, with a cozy, compact boulevard with all kinds of nice tents for a snack and a drink. In addition to taking care of your company outing, we have put together a number of beach pavilions in Kijkduin that we are happy to work with.

Combination arrangements Kijkduin

On the page you will see part of the workshops what your staff outing beach can consist of. By mixing and matching these you have exactly the beach outing that suits the composition of your group. After the selected activities we can discuss the closing barbecue or buffet on the beach. The price of your outing depends on the number of participants, desired catering and your choice of activities. If you have a certain budget and this does not match the prices, we can always arrange something for you! Contact us for brochures and prices of the beach tent options and availability! And of course we adjust our package every year to once again organize an unforgettable company outing for you.

What to do in Kijkduin

Whether you expect it or not, Kijkduin is just as good a place to experience a fun outing as any other place along the coast of South Holland. The activities differ from each other in terms of, among other things, educational, adventure, fun and new experiences. But which activities can be experienced here? This is the top 5 of outings that you cannot miss in Kijkduin.

5. Spray graffiti workshop

Now you can think “Graffiti? But isn't that allowed at all? ”, But you don't have to worry about this. In the graffiti spraying workshop you learn all the ins and outs about how you can make beautiful artworks with spray cans, in the 'off the street' style. The workshop is given in a creative and above all legal way. A fun but also educational workshop, where you will be able to experience many beautiful things. As long as you don't do this on the walls of the municipal buildings.

4. Workshop making dildo

From one taboo to another, but now one that you would rather keep in the bedroom. Literally. During the workshop making dildo you learn how to make the most realistic or imaginative pleasures from different materials, which you can fully adjust to your own wishes. This workshop is perfect for an alternative bachelor party for the upcoming bride or as a lucrative girlfriend evening. You don't even have to leave the house for this workshop, because the outing is simply held at your home. Your girlfriends will ask you how you got it long after the workshop, not seriously of course.

3. Virtual Reality Experience

Talk about counterfeiting reality. Another outing that you can do at a location of your choice has everything to do with the current trend: the virtual reality glasses, also called VR glasses. With the Virtual Reality Experience you put on the VR glasses yourself and you imagine yourself in a world that seems so real that it seems as if you are actually walking around there. Go on an adventure in this digital world with your own group and experience the greatest and most exciting adventures, without ever having to leave the house. During the Virtual Reality Experience there is a choice of more than fifty different 'worlds', where you can choose whether to shoot at each other, dive into the sea, kill zombies or do another activity.

2. Sesame Street Kijkduin

This is the perfect getaway if you want to go out with small children. For a moment the world famous Sesame Street is located in Kijkduin, in which you suffer a job in a huge complex in a celebration of recognition. All well-known figures from the television series are represented and get everything out of the closet to make it as fun as possible for your children. Dancing with Elmo, learning to count with De Graaf, helping Ieniemienie choose an outfit, everything is possible in the Sesame Street.

1. The corridor system of the Widerstandweg

On the Widerstandweg in Kijkduin you can experience a very exciting adventure. The complex near the boulevard of Kijkduin consists of an underground corridor system. Go back in time when the Netherlands was still in World War II and discover how the Nazis tried to do everything to stop the Allies from liberating our country. Ideal for the real adventurers and historical heroes.


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