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Activities Hoek van Holland

If you are looking for fun activities in Hoek van Holland, at Flitz Events you have a wide choice of fun, special, creative, sporty and relaxing activities. Because of the wide range, there is always something that everyone likes and it is still difficult to choose just one activity. The activities are suitable for everyone, from young to old. In addition, Flitz Events has experience in organizing activities for small groups of 2 people, but also for large groups of no less than 3000 people. So no matter how big your group is, it is always possible to organize a fun activity at Flitz Events. Everyone deserves a nice outing. Whether it is a company outing, a bachelor party, a children's party, a family outing or an outing with a group of friends.

Flitz events works with different beach bars together in Hoek van Holland. Choose from one of our beach bars to make your day complete. If you prefer another beach tent that is not listed on our website, that is of course also possible.

Top 3 activities in Hoek van Holland

Below our top 3 activities on the beach of Hoek van Holland, of course it is also possible to arrange outings in Hoek van Holland, such as at your own location or at the Malieveld or in another park. Certain outings are also possible to take care of in the center of Hoek van Holland, such as pub quizzes, city ​​games and GPS tours.

Beach activities Hook of Holland

In Hoek van Holland you will find a very large beach and it is a fun and unique location to organize an activity. That is why Flitz Events organizes several beach activities in Hoek van Holland. You can go here to play beach volleyball, play beach golf or do a hexathlon, where you compete against each other on six parts of your choice. You can also opt for the Robinson Crusoe Experience, where you must do tests to escape the cannibals. So plenty of beach activities. You also have a wide range of sports and creative outings, which Flitz Events organizes on the beach. So whatever you love, there's a good chance there's a fun beach activity for you and your group. In the meantime, you can also enjoy the sun and the sea.

Creative activities Hoek van Holland

One of the creative activities that you can do on the beach of Hoek van Holland is to build a sand sculpture workshop. A fun activity that requires collaboration, making it a very suitable activity for a company outing. You prepare the sand and can then brainstorm about the design and then create a true work of art. Another fun creative beach activity is the painting workshop, where you work together on one large painting. You can do the same during the graffiti painting workshop. In addition, you can also choose from creative activities such as pimping clogs or slippers or go for a jewelry making workshop. You will find plenty of creative activities, on the beach or at another location, that will make your outing a great success.

Sports activities Hoek van Holland

You will also find a wide range of sports activities on the beach of Hoek van Holland or another location. So you can play beach volleyball or beach golf, but it is also possible to play the original bubble football. You must not only hit the opponent, but also each other. Fortunately, the sand ensures that you land at least softly. If you prefer a little more challenge, you can also opt for the power kiting workshop. During this workshop you will learn to keep control over your kite and can even learn to make jumps. Let yourself be pulled over the sand by the strong wind. It is also possible to play Blokarten, where you can race on the beach in a kart with the help of the wind.

Quiet activities Hoek van Holland

For those who prefer to take it easy during the outing, you can also opt for a more relaxed activity such as a boat trip through the canals. You have the option to go out with a fully stocked refrigerator and can possibly enjoy a tasty snack while sailing. There is also a swimming platform, so you can occasionally take a dip when it is very hot. In addition, there is also a toilet on board, so you can enjoy your drinks with confidence. Another nice quiet activity in Hoek van Holland is the cocktail making workshop. Of course it is also the intention that you taste everyone's made cocktail. Or go for a poker workshop or a pub quiz show. In these activities you can sit comfortably in the meantime and play poker or answer questions.

⭐ Top 3 Summer Activities in Hoek van Holland

Top 3 Summer Activities on the beach of Hoek van Holland:

1️⃣ Robinson Crusoe (Most Popular Team Building Program)

2️⃣ Kiting / Powerkiting (For everyone accessible)

3️⃣ Hexathlon / Beach Games (Custom made for an original outing)

3Top XNUMX winter activities in Hoek van Holland

1️⃣ Winter wonderland (Hilarious Après-ski Games! Super Jolig)

2️⃣ pub quiz show (Sociability & fight with a drink)

3️⃣ Workshop making ice sculptures (Ice-cold workshop perfect for team building)

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