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Activities and things to do on a rainy day

Employee avatar Milan Laroes
June 20, 2024

Is it raining outside again? Don't worry, because there are plenty of fun activities and things to do, even on a rainy day! Whether you want to stay indoors or go out, there are plenty of options to turn a rainy day into something fun. From fun indoor activities to exciting outings, there are plenty of things to do. We would like to tell you more about that. 

Entertainment during a rainy day: Unique activities

During rainy days there are plenty of things to do in an indoor setting. How about one, for example pub quiz, where your knowledge about various subjects is tested in a cozy pub? Or go indoor laser tag! An exciting activity where you compete in teams against each other in an intense battle full of adrenaline and strategy. Prefer something creative? Then try one painting workshop where you create your own masterpieces under the guidance of an experienced artist. 

Our favourites: 

  • Pub quiz
  • Escape room
  • Indoor laser tag
  • Old Dutch games afternoon
  • Glow golf in Scheveningen

Or opt for indoor workshops

Workshops always do well on rainy days. And there are plenty of reasons for that! Indoor workshops offer a fun and creative activity for both young and old. Plus, they often cater to different interests and skill levels, allowing everyone to participate and have fun no matter the weather outside. In addition, workshops offer the opportunity to learn new skills, express your creativity and create beautiful memories together with friends, family or colleagues. 

For example, consider the cocktail workshop, the painting workshop or even the poker workshop! With a wide range of fun workshops, you will always experience a unique day at Flitz-Events. 

Our favourites: 

  • Penis pimping workshops
  • Shaking cocktails workshop
  • Workshop poker
  • Painting workshop
  • Workshop making jewelry

Why choose Flitz-Events

  • Together we create unforgettable memories
  • Diversity of activities, both indoor and outdoor
  • The best outings all year round 
  • Experienced instructors who guarantee a day of fun

Want to know more about our indoor activities? 

Are you curious about our range of indoor activities? Please feel free to take a look at our website or take contact contact us for more information! We offer a wide range of indoor activities for various occasions and group sizes. Whether you are looking for exciting team building activities, creative workshops or fun games for a birthday party, at Flitz-Events we have something for everyone. Our experienced team is ready to help you plan an unforgettable indoor experience!


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