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40 fun things to do with friends

Employee avatar Milan Laroes
June 20, 2024

Is the annual outing with the group of friends planned again? Then the searching can begin. What are you going to do this year? And most importantly, how do you ensure that it is a day full of fun, laughter and beautiful memories? Fortunately, you don't have to look any further, because in this blog we list 40 fun things to do with friends! From a relaxing day of relaxation to a sporty afternoon full of activities. 

An outing with friends: Guaranteed fun

A day out with friends guarantees fun and fun! From hilarious activities together to active outings where you compete against each other in teams, there are countless ways to have a great time together. We list the 40 best outings with friends. 

Girlfriends outing for half a day

Would you like to plan a morning or afternoon? Then there is plenty of choice for a half-day girlfriend outing. How about the hilarious one, for example pimping penis workshop, an extensive one GPS tour through the city or a cozy one jewelry making workshop. Whatever you choose, these activities are great for a few hours of fun and connection with your friends: 

  • powerkiting
  • GPS tour through the city
  • Workshop making sand sculptures
  • A cruise through the city
  • Beach tennis tournament
  • RIB powerboat sailing
  • Workshop making jewelry
  • archery
  • Shaking cocktails workshop
  • Pentathlon on the beach

A day out with friends

Would you rather make a full day of it? Even then there is no shortage of choice. For example, consider a complete one sports day on the beach, a cozy one city ​​tour or one of our popular ones City Games

  • A complete sports day
  • Escape the beach
  • Get on the drinks boat
  • Robinson Crusoe Experience
  • City tour
  • One of the fun City Games
  • Beach volleyball tournament
  • Pimping clogs workshop 
  • Archery tournament
  • Building a bamboo tower

A day with friends at one of your homes

There is also no shortage of options for various activities on location for a fun day with friends at one of your homes. For example, think of a creative afternoon where you... painting together, a very exciting one online pub quiz play or 

  • Online pub quiz on location
  • Old Dutch games on location
  • Poker workshop at home
  • The Escape Box
  • Pimping dicks workshop
  • Chain reaction
  • Painting workshop
  • Salsa dancing workshop
  • Create a puzzle painting
  • Online escape room

The best outdoor activities with friends

Would you rather look for fun outdoor activities during the nice summer weather? Then we can offer a wide range of activities to enjoy with friends! For example, go to the beach together and organize a fun beach day with Archery tag, kite making workshop or a jar beach golf

  • Beach boxing on the beach
  • Robinson Crusoe experience
  • Blokarting on the beach
  • archery tag
  • Surf rafting 
  • Kite making workshop
  • Beach wave
  • beach clean up
  • Outdoor laser tag
  • Who is the Rat?!

The best outing for friends can be found at Flitz-Events!

A day out with your regular group of friends will be a guaranteed success with our various activities and packages. Whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation or just fun, we will ensure an unforgettable time. 

Take whole Contact us contact us to discuss the options. Our team is ready to arrange your girlfriends outing down to the last detail, so that all you have to do is enjoy the fun and fun activities!


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